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Low Art Gallery opens in Ubud

low art gallery ubud bali indonesia

As you will see from time to time, I will post news/events and other stuff that relates to Indonesia. One of my favorite places on the globe. Thanks to the guys at Psylo, Made, Wayan, Mellisa, Maria, Putu, Arik, Slim and all others that keep me informed. 

Last week, Ubud’s main road was busy and happening with the Grand Opening of the Low Art Gallery.
Live Hip Hop, funk and alternative preformed by a young rapper and musicians, catching the attention of passers by and drawing them into the new art space.
Low Art gallery has a “kitsch” retro “70’s” setting…It has walls of woven bamboo and art displayed abundantly all over its 3 spacious rooms…paintings, masks, painted movie posters… on the wall, on the floor…unusual artworks all over the place!

More than ten artists exhibited over one hundred paintings including photo surrealism, tribal vectors, body art, and graffiti, erotic, street, insane and posthumous. Among the artists exhibiting were Wolfgang Widmoser, David Trevelyan, Kendra, Putu Kantor, Michael Action, Dewa Sibang, Wayan Ramai, Darmadi, Kriono, Matt Wyatt, Borneo Joe and D. Matto.

The gallery owner’s special focus is on the “odd and unusual” – among his work you’ll find gambling boards and painted movie posters (a collection of 500, all purchased in Java), the concept being that such items have a very short life span. By collecting them, the owner feels he is preserving a ‘cultural reflection’, one that is for him very important.

“Low Art is interested in exposing the most interesting ideas to the largest number of people possible…plenty of intellectuals are exposed to art but most average people are not…but would like to be…” he explains. And looking through the crowd that opening night, the notion seemed to be succeeding. There was an eclectic mix of artists, expats and local people in attendance, possibly initially drawn by the music but then enjoying the art once they’d entered the gallery. Low doesn’t have a programme of events as such, but is likely to evolve fluidly in terms of what it exhibits.

If you are in Bali, drive to Ubud and check it out. 


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  1. I think Nike’s are going to the retro look now for the more casual crowd. Their athletic line is ugly, but I like the retro looking ones.

    Comment by Retro Sneakers | November 3, 2007 | Reply

  2. hello, hay, i found an old address book while cleaning out a file cabnet and found david trevelyan’s name in it. i hung out with him 20 years ago in bali making art and lost contact. would you by any chance have his contact info in ubud?


    Comment by theodore holdt | February 5, 2008 | Reply

    • hello theodore , my name is colin, i too met david in 1989 and spent time in ubud 1990, i actually hauled one of his wood carvings back to canada that he made and i still have. i too would like to reconnect with him, was he working with oka when you met him??

      Comment by colin mcgibbon | May 29, 2010 | Reply

      • I lost contact with him. Yes, we were in Ubud at the same time working with Oka. I was wanting to see how he was doing.

        Comment by theodore | January 15, 2011

  3. Looking forward to hearing more about the Low Art Gallery. Please forward the galleries URL, or any other related info.


    Comment by Afiyf | May 24, 2008 | Reply

  4. hello Theodore, I manage an artist recently based in Bali: Antoine Merger alias Punkadelik.
    I’ve just read about your gallery in Ubud and I feel its the perfect place to exhibit Antoine’s Art.
    I will describe his work as post surrealist and neo psychedelic! he is one of the best fluo artist in the world!
    Check his website: http://www.punkadelik.com or in facebook : Antoine Merger

    Isabelle Malagies
    h.p: 0813 5338 6767

    Comment by Isabelle malagies | August 1, 2011 | Reply

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