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CSI:NY Comes To Second Life Wednesday

second life csi ny

Second Life is bracing itself for an influx of new members this coming week with the long awaited episode of CSI:NY does Second Life to be shown in the United States on Wednesday.

The episode will see Mac Taylor (Gary Sinise) entering Second Life to pursue a killer who has killed a Second Life user in a case of virtual stalking gone too far.

CSI:NY fans will be encouraged to join Second Life and investigate the case by following a link on the CBS website. CSI:NY will have three options for CSI-related inworld activities. The first option will allow viewers to walk around virtual New York buildings and visit a CSI lab and play forensic games.

The second option consists of a game called “Murder by Zuiker,” a unique murder plot which can be solved by users finding clues. The 100 people who come closest to solving the murder will win virtual gifts.

The big tie-in gives new users the ability to become CSI investigators, complete with field kit and tools, and are given a chance to interview suspects and to solve the murder featured in the actual CSI:NY episode. The episode itself will apparently end in a cliff-hanger with the solution not revealed until February.

The CSI:NY episode also sees the launch of the Electric Sheep Company’s OnRez Second Life client, the first major independent Second Life client launched since Linden Lab moved to provide open access to their virtual world in January.

Some reports suggest that Second Life could see one million new user signups following the CSI:NY episode going to air, however it will be more interesting to see how many of the new users will stick around.

Second LIfe


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Kelly Slater joins ‘Surfing for Peace’ and ‘One Voice’ in Israel

Kelly Slater in israel

Eight-time world champion Kelly Slater tested the Mediterranean waters Friday in a visit to promote Israeli-Palestinian peace. Slater, of Syrian descent, was visiting Israel for three days to join activities of the groups “Surfing for Peace” and “One Voice.”

An 86-year-old Jewish member of Surfing for Peace, Dorian Paskowitz, asked Slater to come to Israel to promote the group’s efforts to bring Israelis and Palestinians together through the sport, said his son, David. “My father asked him if he was ready to be not only great surfer but a great man as well,” David Paskowitz said.

Slater as surfing Hilton beach on Wednesday and sang with a local band at a Tel Aviv beach concert on Friday.

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Lomo Re-Releases Diana Camera

lomo diana

Retro camera overlords Lomo have re-released the cult 1960s Diana camera from Hong Kong, keeping all the glorious hallmark characteristics that, to this day, get amateur and pro photographers alike clamoring for the nostalgic- and romantically-fuzzy photos it produces. Lomo’s Diana+  still maintains the plastic lens, simple two-shutter and three aperture settings plus manual focus of its progenitor. But the new version now allows for a removable lens, a choice between two image formats, an “endless panorama feature” and a special aperture for pinhole pictures. Just like the Holga, this camera encourages happy accidents, and it ain’t a bad-looking camera either, in true-to-original Tiffany blue and black. An eBay check revealed more than a dozen of the old-school ones up in hot bidding war, but if you get the Lomo option, for $75 they’ll throw in 20 rolls of AGFA film with the camera.


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Virgin Going Galactic

virgin galactic

 Sir Richard Branson certainly is a visionary. Just this year he successfully launched Virgin America, a domestic airline in the U.S. to rival Jet Blue and the dozen or so other airliners that always seem to go bankrupt. But, the adventurer-mogul ain’t stopping there, and has set his heights for the heavens. Just recently, Virgin Galactic, the world’s first commercial spaceliner, unveiled the winning designs for the its commercial spaceport. The 100,000 square-foot facility will be located in New Mexico and will serve as the primary base of operations for Virgin Galactics suborbital spaceliner. Judging by the renderings, this thing is going to be otherworldly and future perfect. The first flights are set for 2012. Be sure to head over here to see the rest of the images that look like they were lifted straight out a graphic Sci-Fi novel.

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Rok It Science Introduces New Improved Boom 2 Borda Electric Skateboard

rock it science boom to borda

Rok It Science have introduced some new improvements to the Boom 2 Borda. Among the improvements this time around is a new 600 watt motor and a beefier 36 volt battery, which ups the boards range to a full 30 miles on a single charge, not to mention a new interchangeable drive wheel that’ll let you take the thing off-road (somewhat). The one thing not getting an upgrade, it seems, is the top speed, which stays at 25 mph, although that may well be for the best. If that’s enough to tide you over until the hoverboards come along, you can order one now for over $900.

Rock It Science

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Damien Hirst Shark at the NYC Metropolitan

damien hirst shark

It seems like half of the art world’s vaguely interesting headlines begin with the words DAMIEN HIRST these days, and once again NYC is buzzing about the UK’s Warhol now that his most iconic work of art has landed at the city’s most established institution, the METROPOLITAN MUSEUM OF ART. One of the most easily recognized icons of modern art and the most important work to come out of the YBA (”Young British Artists”) school of thought Hirst so aptly led, the legendary work with an equally daunting title, “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living” is officially in residence on the museum’s second floor for an incredible three year stretch.  Dramatically situated next to a bank of windows with natural light constantly streaming through the massive tank, one can only imagine the looks on the faces of the thousands of field tripping schoolchildren who will make the trek to gape at the coolest piece of “conceptual art” they ever saw…

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Nike Air Max 97 10th Anniversary

nike air max 97

The Nike Air Max has become a cult hero since the sneakers introduction many years back, while some have become greater than others we can never look past the significance the shoe has had on our culture. Recently we have seen many notable sneakers celebrate anniversary`s and some could have forgotten about the Air Max 97 due to all the attention paid to the Air Force 1 25th anniversary celebration. In my opinion this take on a classic and original sneaker in general is far more impressive than what we have seenfrom Nike with the Air Force 1 25th anniversary, many of you may disagree but those of you from the era of the early 90`s will see where I am coming from. The Air Max 97 along with the Air Max 95 will always be a true classic so if you are really passionate about your sneaker collection these are a must purchase.

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The Bathing Ape

bape nigo

Every successful underground brand eventually comes to a crossroads: cash-in or stay niche. Portfolio magazine’s November issue features Nigo as he faces this dilemma with his Bape brand. Once exclusive to those in-the-know, Bape is now a $59 million company. According to the article, “despite Nigo’s strategy of tightly controlled product, curatorial brand management, and unique retail environments, the company is growing faster than he would like.” In most case studies, that would be good. In this case, success has saturated the market with fakes and the brand has started being shunned in the scene it helped create. What’s an ape to do?

There’s also a fascinating look into the history and persona of Nigo, and his massive collection of toys, art and americana that inspires him.

Read the article about the “nerd collector” known as Nigo and the multi-million brand he engineered.

Bathing Ape

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100 Most Powerful People According To Art Review

art review top 100 for 2007

ArtReview have published their latest list of the most powerful folks in art. The list contains artists, dealers, gallery owners and collectors. Number one is François Pinault, a French luxury goods “magnate” and owner of Christie’s. He’s followed by Larry Gagosian, the gallery owner; Sir Nicholas Serota, director of the Tate galleries; and Glenn D. Lowry, director of the Museum of Modern Art in New York. Here’s the top 20 (with last year’s position in brackets):

01. François Pinault (1)
02. Larry Gagosian (2)
03. Sir Nicholas Serota (3)
04. Glenn D. Lowry (4)
05. Eli Broad (6)
06. Damien Hirst (11)
07. Charles Saatchi (7)
08. Jay Jopling (19)
09. Steven A. Cohen (32)
10. David Zwirner (16)
11. Sam Keller, Cay Sophie Rabinowitz, Annette Schönholzer, Marc Spiegler (5)
12. Brett Gorvy & Amy Cappellazzo (12)
13. Jeff Koons (10)
14. Iwan Wirth (14)
15. Michael Govan (33)
16. Harry Blain & Graham Southern (54)
17. Matthew Slotover & Amanda Sharp (8)
18. Tobias Meyer & Cheyenne Westphal (23)
19. Richard Serra (73)
20. Daniel Birnbaum (31)

Power 100 Art Review

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