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Dumbo: Acts of Vandalism and Stories of Love

Acts of Vandalism and Stories of Love

Word on the street is that the prolific graffiti artist Dumbo had to leave Milan for Brooklyn at the risk of arrest. The writer’s tag dots lower Manhattan, around Canal on West Broadway, but in Milan it seems like he hit every single building.

His recent book documents his life as a vandal, including his tags, art, actions and the like, featuring an intro penned by his fan, Barry McGee.

Why a book? Dumbo says “because I’m completely egocentric. Because there are so many things to learn from the experience of vandalism, so why not do a little propaganda for it? Because, unlike those (usually writers) who tout graffiti as the newest high art form, I want to tell the grimy truth, the most indefensible side, which will undoubtedly get me in the most trouble. But also to widen my public. To show this corrupt society that it will never represent me. To give context to all of the photos I’ve taken in these past years. But more than anything because I was coming to the end of a period that I wanted to record before officially beginning the next.”Dumbo is available from Amazon and Powell’s.


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Andrew Kuo: No Lifeguard on Duty

No Lifeguard on Duty

NYC-based artist Andrew Kuo‘s obsessive charts that analyze musical events have been popping up in the New York Times’ music section for the last couple of months. His latest graphic representation that appeared there over the weekend takes on this summer’s series of concerts at Brooklyn’s McCarren pool and is by far his most nerdy yet.

Diagrams represent his own sets of quirky data (“My Summer Mood Swings,” “Times I Wish I Knew Somebody at the Show”) in visually pleasing arrangements of color and pattern. As someone who likes to daydream at concerts, I appreciated the graph representing what was going through Kuo’s mind during the shows. On the Slip n’ Slide participants: “It’s really hard to watch some people flopping around in bathing suits.” His generally positive approach and lighthearted first-person critiques are OCD reviews for the geek chic generation.

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Nike Considered 2007

Nike Considered 2007

Considered, the sustainable footwear line from Nike, has moved in to their All Condition Gear group and will be introducing some rather innovative product as the teams join force. Always reliable for the scoop, Woody over at Sneaker Freaker has a great interview with Bob Mervar, Design Director ACG and Peter Fogg, Senior Designer about two new shoes that came out of the collaboration and are bringing a new look to the previously quirky-yet-respectable Considered line.

The Water Cat (pictured, top) is a water shoe made with an extreme reduction of materials, simplifying the manufacturing process. Performance of this shoe is apparently not compromised by the post-tech look—there’s support where you need it and it’s very light weight.

The Soaker (pictured, bottom) is another water friendly shoe but also has broader appeal. Made from fewer layers of material than normal sneakers and built with “snap together tooling” instead of toxic adhesives, these shoes definitely resonate with my urban-green sensibility.

No word yet on pricing or availability, so stay tuned.

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Burton Ronin Espionage Jacket

Burton Ronin Espionage Jacket

The Burton Ronin Espionage Jacket has everything you need to rock the mountain in style and comfort. The jacket, which is available in 4 different colorways, also has an integrated digital camera for stealthily snapping pics. We thoroughly examined the pictures on the site and can only guess where the camera is. I guess this calls for a quick trip down to the Burton store for more info.

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Eco Pneumo Dry Sack

Eco Pneumo Dry Sack

If you’ve spent anytime hiking or camping you know the value of keeping your stuff dry. Nothing can be worse than having to sleep in wet clothes after crossing two rivers, hiking a few peaks, and the temperature has dropped 20 degrees.

There are lots of high tech dry bags that will do the job, but the fact is the materials that make up those bags are also great land fillers. Pacific Outdoor Equipment has designed a dry bag to satisfy the tree hugger in every outdoors person.

They based their new Eco Pneumo Dry Sack on their existing high performance dry bags but with a green twist. Made of a non-dyed, single coated bamboo based fabric, they’ve even used recycled aluminum for the purge valve. To top it off, POE buys wind energy to offset the carbon footprint in manufacturing these bags. They seem to have it covered.

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Douglas Gordon ‘ self-portrait of you + me ‘ at Gagosian Gallery NYC

douglas gordon

Gagosian Gallery presents self-portrait of you + me, after the factory an exhibition of new work by Douglas Gordon.

Gordon is a conjurer of collective memory and perceptual surprise, wielding as his tools the everyday commodities of popular culture: Hollywood films, found scientific footage, photographs of rock stars, or poetic and ambiguous phrases. Into his diverse body of work, which includes video, sound, photographic objects, and texts, Gordon skilfully infuses a combination of wit and dread, manipulating viewers’ reactions to the familiar.

An early example, his 24 Hour Psycho (1993) slowed down and protracted Alfred Hitchcock’s legendary 1960 film into a full day’s duration, drawing out the horror until it ceased to be suspenseful.

Gordon’s Blind Stars (2002) featured publicity photographs of mid-century movie stars in which the sitters’ eyes were replaced by expressionless black, white or mirrored surfaces. His Bond Girl portraits (2006) comprised more dramatically desecrated visages of the James Bond film actresses, yet their cut and burned remains still packed a seductive punch. The most recent self-portraits allude to Gordon’s uneasy affinity for Andy Warhol, which has often impacted the content and tone of his work. Warhol’s immortalized cultural icons here as charred, browned bits of commercial reproductions floating on mirrored backgrounds, singed remnants of the heroic originals that nonetheless possess an eerily powerful presence. Gordon’s portraits underscore Warhol’s phenomenal resonance in today’s art world, while capturing the self-reflexive nature of the post-Warholian period.Douglas Gordon was the recipient of the 1996 Turner Prize, the 1997 Venice Biennial’s Premio 2000 award, and the 1998 Hugo Boss Prize awarded by the Solomon R. Guggenheim Museum. His work has been the subject of numerous museum exhibitions, including those organized by the Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles (2001); the Fundació Joan Miró, Barcelona (2006); The Museum of Modern Art, New York (2006); the Museo d’Arte Moderna e Contemporanea, Trento, Italy (2006); and the National Galleries of Scotland, Edinburgh (2006). The feature-length film, Zidane: A 21st Century Portrait, which he co-directed with artist Philippe Parreno, premiered at the 2006 Cannes Film Festival before screenings at numerous international venues. Gagosian Gallery NYC on view October 31 – December 15, 2007.

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Mark Ward in Vapors Magazine

Mark Ward in Vapors Magazine

The latest issue of Vapors magazine features an interview with graphic designer Mark Ward, whose illustration of skater Chris Haslam (complete with the designer’s trademark chattering teeth) is featured on the cover. Mark is well known for his work for an impressive range of clients in the streetwear industry including Stussy, Gimme 5, Medicom and Foot Patrol amongst many others. To see more of his designs, have a look at his portfolio site Graphiknonsense

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Shepard Hits The Streets Of London…

shepard fairey obey

Across the pond for the past several weeks to prepare for his massive upcoming show, “NineteenEightyFouria,” set to debut this Friday nite at STOLEN SPACE in London. If you are in the neighberhood check out all the work that has been done around! It is cool!

For further information, check out my previous post.

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Ever wondered in your deepest private moments what the original King of Pop might have smelled like? In December, NYC-based boutique fragranciers BOND no 9 intend to spring their best guess upon us in the guise of their ANDY WARHOLSilver Factory” perfume, the first in a series of licensed fragrances they plan to release in the late artist’s name (lucky us). So what did the Silver Factory smell like, exactly? According to the company, “We conceived of Silver Factory as a smooth, smoky, spicy blend of interlacing incense (a key scent of the ‘60s), wood resin, and syrupy, seductive amber. But just to complicate things, we gave it a heart of jasmine, iris, and violet—a scent that Warhol was especially fond of. These slightly dissonant florals combine to evoke a metallic effect—that of warmed-up, molten silver, and then, for the merest hint of coolness, we threw in a handful of cedarwood.” Wow, and we thought art writing was bad. So, basically, for $150, you too can smell like freshly smelted metal and cold wood with the extra-added bonus of having this lovely Warhol Foundation-approved decanter to prove your allegiance. I think a subtle mixture of powdered wig and old grilled cheese is probably a more accurate approximation of Andy’s musk, but hey what do we know about perfume? Just please, for the love of god, don’t pour this goop over yourself and come sit next to me on a plane…

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Andrei Molodkin x Burton Snowboard

Andrei Molodkin x Burton Snowboard

Andre Molodkin designed a new twin Burton Snowboard.

Lay waste to any transition when wheeling this twin-tipped chariot of destruction. At the team’s request, the Twin comes correct with a mid-wide waist width that allows for more stability when taking on any transition or kicker. Mellow enough for pressing one over the battleship rail, yet solid enough for slaying the US Open’s bulletproof slopestyle course, the Twin always goes off.

I cannot wait to try it on the Park City slopes…

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