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Takashi Murakami New Book

Takashi Murakami New Book

More the 300 pages profiling the works of Takashi Murakami. Hot off the trails off his recent works with Supreme, Kanye West and more that has brought Murakami to the forefront of Popular Culture, this book looks back over his long and elustrious career.


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Banksy Preservation


Not only has the London district of Islington given Banksy’s street works official protection, they are now having their staff conserve the pieces. The following article was published in The Evening Standard, seems ironic, while all effort is made to prevent graffiti and street art in most the world over, London makes even more effort to ensure its kept, theres a whole debate and much more to this, but read the article and make your own opinion.

Works by maverick street artist Banksy are being restored by council workers to protect them from graffiti vandals. One piece in Islington has been repaired five times by workmen who paint over the offending “tags”. A worker was spotted retouching the artist’s “Tate Gallery” piece in Martineau Road, near Arsenal’s Emirates Stadium.

Banksy’s work sells for six-figure sums to Hollywood stars such as Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie. But some of his pieces that appear in public places without permission have been condemned as vandalism. Tower Hamlets council has threatened to remove any work by the artist that appears on its patch without permission.

But it seems that Islington makes a clear distinction between his creations and that of the graffiti vandals ” tagging” over his work. One onlooker thought the workmen were about to remove the piece in Islington on Monday afternoon and stopped to remonstrate with them. Vicky Bamforth, 40, of Hackney, said: “I was driving past and got out because I thought they were about to try to get rid of it. I asked them what they were doing and they were very cagey. But eventually they admitted that it kept getting vandalised and they were repairing it.”

She added: “A lot of people in the area really like Banksy’s work and it’s a bit worrying the council thinks anyone with a paintbrush is qualified to restore pieces worth thousands. “At what point does it stop being a Banksy and start being a collaboration with Islington council?”

Islington today defended its policy to clean up and repair the artist’s work. It insisted it was spending taxpayers’ money on the operation in response to residents’ demands. Deputy leader and executive member for environment, Lucy Watt, said: “We take a very hard line on graffiti and remove it within 24 hours when it is reported to us. However, residents have been telling us Banksy is in a class of his own, his art sells for thousands, and they don’t want us to remove the work. Because of the quality and renown of Banksy’s work in Islington many people want to see it preserved.”

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Refill Seven – Tokyo Exhibition

Refill Seven Tokyo Coverage

Refill Seven, the exhibition of lasered skate art, is travelling to Tokyo, 22 selected artists from the original event will have their decks on show at Shibuya’s Tower Records from Friday 9th November to Wednesday 14th November. The artists who’s work will be on display are listed below. You can check the Refill 7 Tokyo site here for more details or the official Refill Seven site here.

1 Ben Brown
2 Estevan Oriol
3 Delta
4 House 33
5 Aaron Horkey
6 Fafi
7 Mode 2
8 Michael Leon
9 Todd Bratrud
10 Rostarr
11 Bigfoot
12 Monster Children
13 VCJ
14 Eric Elms
15 Jeff Staple
17 Mike Sutfin
18  Marok
19 Usugrow
20 Seven Stars
21 Pushead

If you are in Tokyo go check it out, and send in some photos please.

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Damien Hirst’s New Killing Field…


Just when you thought you’d seen your last DAMIEN HIRST headline for a while, the head ringmaster of the circus that is the modern art world unveiled his latest shock and awe campaign at NYC’s upscale LEVER HOUSE (54th & Park Ave) in the form of a vast installation of his trademark formaldehyde-preserved livestock (including a shark, 30 sheep, a split cow, and a pair of doves) economically titled “School: The Archaeology of Lost Desires, Comprehending Infinity, and the Search for Knowledge.” Commissioned at a cost of $10 million by real estate developer Aby Rosen who owns Lever House along with several other high-profile properties including the Gramercy Park Hotel, the installation only cost Mr Hirst a cool million to assemble from parts and livestock he imported from England for the installation. Assembled in the building’s street-level lobby, the gruesome exhibit will be visible to all passers-by, day and night, as the entire show will be illuminated 24 hours a day by vast tracts of fluorescent lighting (no word yet as to how many times a day hand and nose prints will be scrubbed from the building’s windows). If the Lever House location sounds familiar to Hirst fans, it should. The building currently houses one of Damien’s masterworks, the 3o-foot-tall bronze sculpture “The Virgin Mother” on its grounds as part of the building’s permanent collection. And if that weren’t enough to satiate rabid anglophile art aficionados, Hirst’s most legendary work, “The Physical Impossibility of Death in the Mind of Someone Living,” (aka: the shark in the tank) is currently on display until 2010 at the city’s Met Museum. Take that, Murakami…

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Scott Musgrove, Brian Despain, Ryan Heshka At ROQ La Rue


Seattle’s prime underground art outlet, ROQ LA RUE (the most feared gallery title of any Japanese tourist) hosted an incredibly strong show of work by burgeoning painters SCOTT MUSGROVE, BRIAN DESPAIN, and RYAN HESHKA this weekend that brought a ray of light to the otherwise dim Northwest coast. Working in three distinctly individual but complimentary styles, each painter possesses incredible technique and enviable rendering chops that are in short supply in the so-called “Lowbrow” (god, we hate that term) art world.

ROQ La Rue Gallery

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KaiKai Kiki@Reflex

 KaiKai Kiki@Reflex

Get superflat and go peep/buy selected works from the prolific master Murakami at The Reflex Modern Art Gallery which is live and jumping off as we speak from tuesdays to saturdays 11:00 – 18:00. Don’t miss out.

The Reflax Modern Art Gallery: Weteringschans 83 1017RX,  Amsterdam, The Netherlands

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Oakley Split Thump

Oakley Split Thump

To the untrained eye these Oakley Split Thump glasses look like a regular pair of glasses. But in reality they have an added benefit of a MP3 player only when needed, since the headphones are removable and control buttons are strategically placed in the Oakley O.

Oakley Split Thump

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es Carry On Skate Bag

es Carry On Skate Bag

es shoulder sling skate bag with large cargo pocket, small storage pockets, all-over cut-out print, embroidered Mainblock logo and high-density screen-printed logo. Holds a complete skateboard or extra decks.

es Carry On Skate Bag

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Waterproof Your iPod

waterproof ipod h2o audio

Waterproof up to 10ft/3m when paired with a H2O Audio Waterproof Headphones. Commander™ Scroll Wheel allows for functional control over the iPod Click Wheel in the water or while wearing a glove. LatchTight™ Locking Closure designed to generate uniform commpression for a watertight seal and will not open on impact. SealTight™ Connector compatible with standard 3.5mm headphone plugs.

Available for iPod 5th Gen w/Video, iPod nano 2nd Gen, and iPod Shuffle 2nd Gen.

H2O Audio

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