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Sotheby’s Auction Panic and Christie’s Auction Records

Sotheby’s and Christie’s Auction Records

After seeing the Sotheby’s auction fizzle out last week, I thought record prices might have become a rare event. Of the 76 works on sale, 20 failed to find buyers, including this wheat field painting (pictured) by Vincent van Gogh.

But a Christie’s auction in New York has blown my theory of an auction slowdown out of the water. Among the artists that set new records for their work were Richard Prince, Lucian Freud, Ed Ruscha, Thomas Struth, Jeff Koons and Zhang Xiaogang.

The total for the night was an impressive $325 million, which is the second highest total for a post war and contemporary art auction.

$325 million Christie’s sale reflects buoyant market
“This bewildering diversity at all financial levels of the contemporary art currently in highest demand demonstrates that visual considerations have only limited importance in the making of prices. Ideas, names, some would say the volume of propaganda, are the factors leading to financial triumph. This makes life easy when optimism prevails and commensurately precarious when economic difficulties induce a cooler approach.”

via International Herald Tribune

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Bi-Plugs Lets You Charge USB Gadgets Almost Anywhere


I have a number of gadgets that can charge via USB. This is convenient when I’m on the road because I can just pack couple of USB cables, rather than several bulky AC adapters. Unfortunately, if I want to charge these devices overnight, I have to leave my laptop running. That’s why these little Brighton Bi-Plugs caught my eye. They’re very simple and straight-forward, one end plugs into the wall, the other has a female USB port. Just toss one of these in your bag and you’ll be good to go. These will go on sale November 28th for an undisclosed price.


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Computer Graphics Tattoo

Computer Graphics Tattoo

Ever want to see what a tattoo would look like on your body before permanently inking yourself? Computer graphics artist Loïc Zimmerman developed a program that does just that. By scanning your body you can capture exact body proportions to accurately depict a complex 2-D design on a body’s 3-D canvas. What it looks like after years of aging and wrinkling is another story.

And for tattoo geeks, it could very well be the next evolution of the art form.

Continue reading at Nedled.

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Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl

Vancouver Eastside Culture Crawl

For three days each fall, hundreds of artists who live or work in Vancouver’s artist-dense Eastside open their studios to the public for the Eastside Culture Crawl. The event incorporates artists in almost every field—from weavers, furniture makers and jewelers, to painters, photographers and sculptors—and features emerging artists as well as names that are recognizable on the world stage.

This is a great time to see a lot of work in a short amount of time, as well as to talk to people about their creations and techniques all within the intimate setting of their workspace. Works can be purchased directly from the artists, or if you are interested in having something created that is unique, most artists are willing to discuss having work commissioned.

The Crawl starts on Friday, 16 November 2007 at 5pm and goes until Sunday, 18 November 2007 at 6pm. For more information and a full map of the venues, check out their website.

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Keith Haring inspired Mark Gonzales Krooked Deck

Haring inspired Mark Gonzales Krooked Deck

It looks like Gonz got inspired by the works of Keith Haring and produced the G Herring on Gonz’s Krooked label.

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Daniel Eric Weiss Photography

Daniel Eric Weiss Photography

There are always a plethora of young photographers in New York City, shooting everything from fashion pages to blog snaps and party photos. You might see them in a studio, lighting up some street corner or at the bar flashing away. Daniel Eric Weiss is none of these. Born and raised on the Upper West Side, Danny is a photographer for photography’s sake, snapping portraits and landscapes all around Manhattan with a friendly eye and a hometown sensibility. At only 20 years old, he wanders the streets like a young Andre Kertesz, meeting neighbors, friends and strangers and exposing it all to film as he goes, his Leica always in tow.

His work is beautifully composed street photography, so if a well-dressed young gentleman with a scruffy red beard and a deep voice asks to take your picture, you might consider saying yes. Click images for larger view or visit his site.

via andrew – thanks for the heads up.

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Street World

Street World

The new project from Roger Gastman, Caleb Neelon and Anthony Smyrski, Street World: Urban Art and Culture from Five Continents, clocks in at nearly 400 pages of full-color images of all the street culture we knew we loved (graffiti, fashion, skateboarding, and so on) with plenty of more esoteric global happenings. Think pigeon keeping, protests, activism, drum lines, urban exploration, signage and plenty of stuff that you’ll have to see the book to make sense of it. With contributions from Estevan Oriol, Adam Wallacavage, WK Interact, We Are Supervision, Blu, Shepard Fairey and dozens and dozens more, Street World hits a nice balance, introducing newcomers to urban culture while giving the cognoscenti plenty to look at. As author Caleb Neelon explains, “not everything in the book is obvious ‘street culture,’ but some of those curve balls in the book are what we like the most.” Available on Abrams in the United States and Thames and Hudson in the U.K. Buy it from Amazon or Powell’s.

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Elan Snowboards Launches New Quick Fit Lacing System

Elan Snowboards new Quick Fit Lacing System

Elan Snowboards is proud to announce the launch of its new Quick Fit Lacing System. By successfully delivering optimum levels of boot fit in a matter of seconds, the Quick Fit Lacing System is redefining the meaning of total rider comfort on the mountain.

Engineered with the perfect combination of simplicity and performance in mind, the user-friendly Quick Fit Lacing System provides riders with the most effortless and effective lacing solution.

A sturdy lock mechanism lies at the heart of the lacing system, locking the boot’s lace at the desired tension. Based on the clamp system used to secure a yacht’s ropes to sails, the lock mechanism has been proven time and again.

As for the lacing, this is how it’s done: two independent dual-tensioned lacing zones in the upper and lower parts of the boot allow the wearer to customize lacing tensions to perfection. The laces are drawn upwards for tightening and outwards for rapid loosening. Simple.

The new Elan Snowboards Quick Fit Lacing System is available in the following boots: Element, Tempest, Union and the female-specific Chicas boots called the Unity and Betty. Visit Elan’s Website and find out more about Elan Snowboards products and technologies.

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Lego Battleship Yamato

Battleship Yamato Lego

Japanese Lego builder Jun Brick (think that’s his real name?) has been hard at work at a 1:40 model of the famous Battleship Yamato for over a year. This gargantuan model puts the Millennium Falcon to shame, stretching out for over 20 feet and using a whopping 100,000 pieces. He posts a metric ton of photos on his site as he works on it, giving us a really cool look at each step of the process and just how much work goes into building a model of this size. Impressive, to say the least.

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eStarling E-Mail Enabled Wi-Fi Photo Frame

eStarling E-Mail Enabled Wi-Fi Photo Frame

Rule Your Photos With an Iron-Fist… Wirelessly

Obviously printed photos are so last-decade. Digital photo frames allow us to go directly from shooting to displaying our photos with no messy meatspace-based printed version needed. The eStarling 2.0 Wi-Fi Photo Frame takes this concept to the next level by connecting to your local Wi-Fi network and allowing you to send photos to it via e-mail or RSS photo feed.

With full web-based access you can control exactly the photos you want on your eStarling frame at any time from anywhere in the word. E-mail photos as .jpg attachments and they appear on your frame. Choose a Flickr photo feed with the keyword “cool japanese robots” and soon your frame will be scrolling through nifty shots of highly desirable bots you will never get your hands on. New Photobucket integration allows you to add photos into rotation on your eStarling frame directly from the Photobucket website. You can of course send photos while on the go from your mobile phone, while your pets watch your exciting antics remotely on the eStarling. Hand the eStarling Photo Frame over to a non-technical relative (Who has Wi-Fi in their house of course. What… they don’t? You’re a geek. Set it up!) and rule with an iron-fist over exactly what photos your Grannie views.

Get from eStarling or from Amazon or ThinkGeek website. via ThinkGeek.

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