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Playing With Virtual Space at DAM Berlin

Playing With Virtual Space at DAM Berlin

At the DAM Berlin…How to redefine virtual space? How to get the viewer involved in these new spaces? These were some of the questions the artists of this group show were dealing with. The results as well as the media are quite individual and different. Interactivity is as much desired as the ability to let go and indulge in an artificial world.

In the animation “reliefs” form collectif_fact you set out on a journey – equal to a tracking shot – through deserted areas or snowy landscapes at night. An associative poetic trip where the viewer gets irritated in a playful way, confronted with his expectations – a tightrope walk between poetry and nightmare, the latter evoked through deserted villages and mute car accidents. Collectif_fact does not create realistic imitations of life situations but tells narrative dream sequences as movie episodes.

The artist-trio from Geneva – Claude Piquet, Annelore Schneider und Swann Thommen – works together since 2001 under the name of collectif_fact. Their main fields are animations in urban environments e.g. cities or traffic, the artists play with perspectives of humans that look like puppets in the world created by themselves.

The artworks of Electronic Shadow captivate through their aesthetics – light and colour are carefully chosen – and are interactive. For the purpose of the exhibition the artist couple has built 2 smaller models of originally large installations. They consist of water pools whose movements and colouring are influenced by the viewer.

Electronic Shadow was founded in 2000 by Naziha Mestaoui and Yacine Ait Kaci. The couple lives and works in Paris. They have exhibited internationally in well-known institutions. Their works combine interior design with interactivity. The artists are concerned with the design of large installations with a strong emphasis on a sensual impact on the observer. Projections, water, fire and dance play a major role.

 Annett Zinsmeister uses sections of Plattenbau of the former GDR and builds new spaces by multiplying them. Outside turns into inside, doors are leading into emptiness. Architectural elements were used like ornaments to create new virtual spaces. The repetitiveness brings about a new structure. The final technique of large sized light boxes underlines the optical impression.

In her art work Annett Zinsmeister is concerned with cultural influence of architecture. The principal of the series is her main emphasis. Through the endless repetition of segments she brings to light the fascination and the deterrent of mass architecture. Since 2007 Annett Zinsmeister is Professor for Creativity and Experimental Design at the Staatliche Akademie der Bildenden Kuenste Stuttgart. She lives in Berlin.

Visit the DAM Berlin at : www.dam.org/berlin/


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