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Being Object – Reborn

reborn project being object

China-based designers Being Object see a lot of similarities between man and bean in terms of their relation to water. What do mankind and beans have in common? If you’re answer is they should both be held accountable for their own actions while at sea, you’re only partially right and potentially insane. The real answer is, Beans are the seeds of new lives and as such need water to grow. “Mankind uses water to clean bodies and refresh our minds, a man soaks in a bathtub just like a fetus gestates in a womb.” It is this similar reliance on water that serves as the inspiration behind Being Object’s Reborn bath and faucet project. The core idea of the project is to regenerate the existing bathtubs and water faucets by refreshing the shapes and finishes. The shape of the bathtub was inspired from beans whereas the faucet is designed with human consciousness in mind and bears slight resemblance to a sprout. Finally, a bathtub that’s both people and bean friendly. What will they think of next?


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Invasion In The UK by Space Invader

Invasion In The UK by Space Invader 

Space invaders was a video phenomenon of the 1980s, heralding the birth of a new era in both technology and popular culture. 30 years on, French artist Space Invader has filled the streets with pixellated mosaic tiles of his work inspired by the original game, spreading them over the walls of more than 35 of the world’s biggest cities in the last ten years alone. Following Space Invader’s involvement in Elms Lesters’ ‘Small, Medium and Large’ Group show and his show, ‘Space Invasion & Bad Men Part II’ at Lazarides Gallery that showed his manipulation of the 80’s icon the Rubik Cube comes Invasion in the UK, which is a follow up of Invasion de Paris and Invasion Los Angeles. This book that takes a journey through England’s urban landscape that presents Invader’s work through hundreds of pictures and archives collected during an 8 year period of ‘invading’ when began in London in 1999.

The book is now available at Colette.

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Ari Macropoulos Decks

Ari Macropoulos Decks 

Photographer Ari Macropoulos, who has teamed up with brands like Supreme and had solo exhibition on show at gallery’s like The Deep Gallery in Tokyo through to Midtown-Y-Gallery in New York and been involved in group shows like “JRP/Ringier-We Make books With Art,” Christophe Daviet-Thery in Paris.

Ari has now played part in two impressive collaborations, both including skateboard decks the first piece is a collabration with Krooked, the same skateboarding company that has seen collaborations with the likes of Kaws, Michael Leon and Reas in recent times.

The second is a limited piece for Printed Matter, the world’s largest non-profit organization founded in the 70’s dedicated to the promotion of publications made by artists. The artwork Ari has used for this deck is entitled ‘Diptych’, a great piece of black and white photography of a young man shirtless.

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Happy New Year

Happy New Year 

We would like to wish all of our readers, supporters, artists, colleagues, friends and families a Happy New Year !!! 


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