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Delta 7 Sports Arantix Mountain Bike w/ IsoTruss Carbon Fiber Frame

Delta 7 Sports Arantix Mountain Bike w/ IsoTruss Carbon Fiber Frame

The frame of the Delta 7 Sports Arantix Mountain Bike was inspired by the ancient Egyptian tombs which used simple polygons to hold up a pharaoh’s tomb for hundreds of years. Since this construction was strong enough to do that Delta 7 Sports figured it would be strong enough to survive some off-road riding. The new Arantix Mountain Bike features an IsoTruss carbon fiber frame and Kevlar open lattice tube design which is claimed to be 10 times as strong as a steel frame of the same weight. Each 2.75-pound bike frame features over 1,672 feet of carbon fiber and takes over 300 hours to build. The rods are composed of several hundred layers of carbon fiber, wrapped tightly with Kevlar cord and woven to form a long series of little pyramids. The rods crisscross to produce hundreds of brawny joints that add strength to the whole thing. The entire Delta 7 Sports Arantix Mountain Bike sells for a price of $11,995. Or you can buy the frame for a price of $6,995. Act quick because only 200 of these frames will be made in 2008! Delta 7 Sports.

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First Outdoor Artificial Surfing Machine in London by 2011

First Outdoor Artificial Surfing Machine in London by 2011

The First Outdoor Artificial Surfing Machine is in plans to be built in London by 2011. Surfers in the London area usually ride to the coast on weekends (I know I did) to surf the sea so this will be great for them! Having an Artificial Surfing Machine in close proximity will make surfing more often easier to achieve. How much is this going to cost? Pay £30 ($60) and enjoy an hour’s session that will offer at least 10 waves per rider, each rolling more than 100 meters in the first ever Outdoor Artificial Surfing Machine. The surfing park even plans for an artificial beach with palm trees, boardwalks and rentable fire-pits and barbecues for post-surf relaxation. Other Pro’s? The wave machine can make the surf break left-and-right from a central peak, and poses less chances for a clash. Not everyone seems to be convinced though….

“But Drew Kampion, the associate editor of The Surfer’s Path seems to be unconvinced, clear from his words, This is not surfing except in its most limited sense. It may replicate real waves and it can teach riding and balance. But 90% of surfing is paddling out among the elements, breathing in the negative ions in the sea air – and wave machines fail to capture any of that.”

We think that people will welcome this venture. Sure it’s not the real thing, but it seems that it will be great place to hang out! Plus, there’s no chance of getting your leg bitten off by a shark! That’s always good!

I am in favour, can we get one in Tel Aviv for 2012…?

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Photon Light Skateboards

Photon Light Skateboards 

The latest in skateboard tech, these Photon Light Boards let you hit the streets after dark thanks to their brilliant built-in illumination.

Whether you’re just a hot shot and want to show off your moves, or you’re sick of taking a face plant on the curb when skating in the dark, the LED skateboards are sure to draw attention. Depending on the model, you’ll get anywhere from 29 to 54 bright LEDs embedded into the wood deck.

The boards are fabricated out of Canadian 7-ply hard-rock maple, and include grip tape and a thin lithium ion rechargeable batter mounted under a protective plate on the bottom of the board.

Photon sells Light Boards either as a standalone deck, or as a complete skateboard with trucks and wheels. Prices range from $110 for a deck to $200 for a fully-outfitted skateboard.

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Google Now Offering iPhone Version Of iGoogle

Google Now Offering iPhone Version Of iGoogle

Spotted by Google Operating System is a new iPhone specific interface for Google’s personalized webpage product iGoogle. The page can accessed directly from http://google.com/ig/i , although iPhone users should be immediately redirected to this page when trying to access iGoogle.

iGoogle for iPhone will compete with Netvibes, who launched their one iPhone specific version in August 2007. 

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Chinese Blogger Beaten To Death By Government Officials

Chinese Blogger Beaten To Death

A Chinese blogger has been beaten to death by Government authorities for the crime of attempting to record a protest on his mobile phone.

When Wei was present at some sort of confrontation or protest by local villages against municipal authorities when more than 50 municipal inspectors turned on him, attacking him for five minutes.

According to CNN, the killing has sparked outrage in China, “with thousands expressing outrage in Chinese Internet chat rooms, often the only outlet for public criticism of the government.”

The Chinese Government has moved swiftly to detain those involved, arresting 24 municipal inspectors whilst investigating more than 100 others in relation to the incident. Notably (for China) the story was published by the official state news service Xinhua, in what is believed to be an attempt to head off dissent over the mater by demonstrating that the Chinese Government does not condone those involved in the beating.

via: Techcrunch and AP

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