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Numark’s TTi Turntable Transfers Vinyl To iPod Without A PC

numarks tti 

I was asked by a DJ friend, to find him a turntable that can transfer vinyl to his iPod without using a PC. After looking at a couple of choices in the market today, I found a great product designed to transfer your precious vinyl recordings to a slightly more modern format.  

Numarks TTi  newfangled turntable boasts an integrated iPod dock, USB interface, a metal platter and pitch control to boot. Besides ripping records directly to your ‘Pod, the unit also features a line-level output and comes with versions of EZ Vinyl Converter software for the PC or Mac should you prefer vinyl-to-computer ripping. I know, it’s tough to leave the 70s, but the TTi should make the transition somewhat less painstaking when it lands in Q2 2008 – worth the wait DJ M


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The Global Library Leader

 The Global Library Leader

“The Toronto Public Library is undergoing a modest building boom, using a successful strategy that reaches out and continues to draw in more city residents: both the established and newly arrived… On a per-capita basis, the city’s 99 branches are the busiest and most utilized by its citizenry around the globe.”

via: Toronto Star

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David Belongs In The Heart Of Florence


“Nowadays, when people find it far harder to connect with the values of Renaissance Italy and often seem mysteriously untouched by the sheer life of Michelangelo’s art, it needs to be liberated. Sadly, the new proposal seems totally blind to that, and utterly insensitive to David. It involves moving the statue to a new cultural venue on the outskirts of Florence.”

via: The Guardian

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Art Hype – Behind The Scenes At The Auction Houses

art auction house 

Behind the ever-increasing frenzy of the art market prices, the world’s auction houses play a dangerous game of expectations…

To read on, check out the article at the IHT 

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Alexandre Orion – Reversed Graffiti

Brazilian Graffiti Artist, Alexandre Orion, is taking a new approach to Graffiti, with a modern ‘Green’ approach. Instead of painting, he merely removes the dirt on walls left by air pollution, further still, he then keeps the dirt he’s extracted and recycles the pollution to use as paint, for paintings in his studio.

via: hypediss

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The Sartorialist’s Street Pics On View

 The Sartorialist

Voted as one of Time Magazine’s Most influential people in design, Scott Schuman’s blog The Sartorialist has become a phenomenom in catching the looks of the streets. Mixing his talented eye with his ability to be at the right place at the right time, The Satorialist is amongst the most influential websites in fashion and a huge part of the blog generation. Sponsored by Style.com, Schuman’s work will be on show as a collection of art at Danziger Projects in NYC from January 18th through to February 23rd.

via: We Are At The Market

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L.A Eco Art Billboard Project

L.A Eco Art Billboard Project 

Cool bit of skyjacking took effect in LA last December when the ECO ART BILLBOARD PROJECT kicked off on over 20 signs around the city. Featuring original artwork painted on recycled billboard stock, the initiative seeks to turn the town into an open-air art gallery. Kudus.

I wish someone will pick up the glove in Tel Aviv and do the same.  If someone is interested please drop us a line, we have a couple of ideas…

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TheSixtyOne – Music Discovery Service

TheSixtyOne - Music discovery service

TheSixtyOne is a music service for both artists and music lovers to share and discover new music. Incorporating elements of a digg-like voting system, custom playlists, and an internal point system for rewards – TheSixtyOne is some of the most fun I have had with music in awhile.

It works like this: you make yourself an account on TheSixtyOne, as either a listener or an artist. As a listener, you are given a number of points which you can use to “bump” songs you like. If you happen to discover a song that other people vote for after you do, you are awarded with additional points. You can’t really do anything with these points other than vote for more songs, but other users will see you as a high-profile listener and as such have more “influence.”

Artists that sign up have an opportunity to give their work some exposure, network with fans and other artists, and get their music “bumped” to the top. Artists can also opt to release their music as free MP3 downloads or sell them as DRM-free Amazon MP3s.

Naturally, you can design your own playlists, link them, subscribe to other artists and listeners, and just about anything else you would want to do. If you’re into finding new music, TheSixtyOne is definitely worth a look.


via: appscout

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