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Sando Birk


Unlike most so-called surf artists, Sando Birk doesn’t use paint to airbrush surfing to some romantic Polynesian never-never land. He doesn’t yearn for the days of singlefin, Woodies  or Quonset Huts, he doesn’t have a BinTang belly, he is a 45 year old artist, regularfoot surfer from Seal Beach.

A lifelong surfer from Orange County, Birk graduated from Parsons School of Design in 1988 and was trying to figure out what to do with his art degree, and decided that he wanted to do paintings about surfing, because it was the thing he knew the best. Living in the city, was a completely different surfing experience, and he figured he should do something that reflected his experience.

Birk went into paint a series of works that set his modern surfing experience into historical contexts that became his first big exhibition show. Years later he did a series of lineup paintings which became anothe rpopular surf show. Most recently he has been designing surf contest posters for Quicksilver. Birk has also managed to slip surfing into most of his serious art as well, from much celebrated “War of the California’s (a fictious war between LA and SF) to the adaptation of Dante’s Divine Comedy (with yours truly).

Check out more of Dirks great surf and non-surf work at his website.


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