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Though the name may not hold as much clout as Kennedy, Shepard Fairey has apparently made his choice for the next President of the United States.

Throwing his weight and talent behind the junior senator from Illinois, the illustrator has produced two striking posters with the man’s likeness and main slogans. He’s offering the 24″ x 36″ silkscreens for $50 a pop on his website with an aim to get its iconic image across the nation in time for Super Tuesday (5 February) and beyond. Proceeds will go to a larger, statewide (California) poster campaign. Limited to an edition of 350, they’ll be available this Wednesday, 30 January 2008

Note: This is an art item! and does not constitute an endorsement… I think Fairey lending his unabashedly propagandistic work to a historic moment makes it all the more momentous.


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In the era of starchitecture, few projects pose more of a challenge to renowned architects than the scale and complexity of a city’s crown jewel, the stadium. With a few recent stunning examples in the works- let’s take a closer look…

camp nou

Camp Nou
Home to one of the biggest fútbol teams in the world, FC Barcelona, Camp Nou is getting a major makeover courtesy of British architects Norman Foster + Partners. Already the largest stadium in Europe, Foster + Partners will expand seating capacity to 106,000, ensuring an even more raucous match, but the most eye-catching part of the redesign is the multi-colored exterior and retractable roof.

Made of polycarbonate and glass, the exterior panels can change color and tilt, patterning the entire stadium or transforming it into a giant screen. Think of it as a macro-pixelated television. The renovation will be completed for the 2011/12 season. Now if they could just keep Lionel Messi healthy that long.


Beijing National Stadium
Tasked with designing Beijing National Stadium, the home base for the upcoming 2008 Summer Olympic Games, Herzog & de Mueron came up with this organized entanglement of 36 km of steel, oftentimes dubbed a bird’s nest.

The criss-cross façade lends a baroque-modern aesthetic while at the same time functioning as a supporting structure. When it comes to energy consumption, the stadium is fully modern, boasting a rainwater collection system, a translucent roof for a better grass field, natural ventilation and a state-of-the-art solar photovoltaic system.

When finished, the mammoth structure will seat up to 100,000 spectators and thanks to Olympic clout, it will be finished on time and budget. Did someone say New World Order?


Wembley Stadium
Wembley Stadium made its return mid-2007 to retake its place as the home of football. Also designed by Foster + Partners, it seats 90,000 (only second in capacity in Europe after Camp Nou) and is the largest covered football stadium in the world.

The key feature of the new Wembley is its retractable roof, supported by an awesome 135 meter-high arch. The arch allows sunlight to hit the grass on fair weather days, but can cover all 90,000 seats during precipitation.

Designed with the spectator in mind, the new Wembley offers luxury seating and first-rate banquet halls improving an already great experience. I’ve also heard the locker rooms are pretty sweet.


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Fake Tattoo To-Do List

Fake Tattoo To-Do List 

I have a nasty habit of using my hands instead of a scrap piece of paper for jotting down reminders and to-do lists and while I’ve seen people getting blank to-do list tattoos on their hands and arms before, I don’t think I’ll be following that particular trend anytime soon.

As an alternative here’s a kit that includes 12 temporary to-do list tattoos you can place anywhere on your body. That way if you happen to end up like that guy in Memento with a particularly short-term memory you can at least keep things neat and organized. The kit also includes a skin-safe ink gel pen that easily washes off, but I have no idea how long each temporary tattoo will last.


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Bose iPhone Headset

Bose iPhone Headset 

When it comes to audio devices Bose needs no introduction, I think everybody agrees that they lead the speaker and headphones market. And since The Steve Himself described the iPhone as the best iPod ever made, it is clear that listening to music is a big part of the iPhone experience.

So the best iPod deserves the best headset too, that’s why Bose came with this Mobile On-Ear Headset that combines a pair of the best Bose headphones with an omnidirectional inline microphine, allowing you to listen to music or take calls.

The headphones are designed to be as confortable as possible, they weigh less than five ounces, they are softly padded to fit your ear and they pivot on two directions to reduce pressure points.

The microphone is omnidirectional and allows for easy switching from music to calls.

They conect direcly to the iPhone, without needing an adapter, but they come packed with four adapter for using with various other players.

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Grand Theft Auto IV To Debut in April

Grand Theft Auto IV To Debut in April

Take Two Interactive Software announced today that it will release Grand Theft Auto IV on April—an event that was originally planned for this past fall. The franchise is one of the most successful in video game history and, of course, one of the most controversial. Apparently some people think it’s a bad idea to let gamers impersonate thugs and murderers. That hidden sex scene in “Grand Theft Auto: San Andreas” probably didn’t win the developers too many fans in the ethics community either. The rating for this latest version hasn’t been determined yet, but it’s bound to be a big success. It has been projected as the top-seller of 2008.

Via: Yahoo

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Asteroid Fly-By Set for Tuesday Night

Asteroid Fly-By Set for Tuesday Night 

Make sure you don’t miss this one. Asteroid 2007 TU24 will be as close to Earth as it has been in 2,000 years, and it won’t get any closer in this century. With a diameter of around 800 feet, the space rock is large enough to cause some serious damage if it was ever to strike our pale blue dot, but astronomers say that is not a possibility.

The rock was first discovered late last year. NASA scientists have since captured radar images that enabled them to estimate its size and shape, but they’ll be training more precise instruments on the rock this week. Tomorrow night, at around 3:33 AM Eastern time, it will be within 334,000 miles of Earth—not much farther away than our own Moon. So set your alarm, make some coffee, and call me if it looks like it’s getting too close.

Find out more details here.

Via Aero-News Network

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Keyboard And Skype Phone In One

 Keyboard And Skype Phone In One

There’s no word on a U.S. date yet, but this October, in Japan, Buffalo is going to release a new keyboard with a built-in Skype phone. The photo grabbed me at first—and not just because the person holding the handset seems to have an alien-like hand, suggesting that this could be extra-galactic technology. This phone/keyboard meld does seem like such a logical convergence, and a great way of reducing desktop clutter. But it also looks pretty tiny, and if you’re listening to the music, it could get annoying to keep switching between earphones and receiver. A single headset that pipes in tunes and handles your calls still might be the way to go.

Via: CoolestGadgets

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