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Michael Mararian’s Phobias, Foibles, And Fiends Exhibition At Corey Helford Gallery

Michael Mararian’s Phobias, Foibles, and Fiends Exhibition At Corey Helford Gallery 

M. Mararian’s Inky Dreadfuls artist Michael Mararian is set to launch his latest exhibition entitled Phobias, Foibles and Fiends, at Corey Helford Gallery in Culver City, California. Featuring all new works with an installation of over thirty macabre ink renderings; Mararian’s most extensive collection of works since his two sold-out exhibitions at Corey Helford Gallery. Mararian’s drawings reflect a humorous, yet intensely personal examination of lost innocence in our modern society, dealing with psychological fears, character flaws, and complexes of the human id. Inspired by his previous exhibition at Corey Helford Gallery, Little Unfortunates, Mararian magnifies the three different traits his subjects embody, “phobias, foibles, and fiends”.

Each work goes through a highly detailed process with each canvas hand drawn in various ink forms, crudely brushed and scratched at times for a gritty, textured aesthetic. His are nostalgic scenarios of childhood naiveté with a charming, sinister twist. Beginning first with a drawing then initial strokes in black India ink, Mararian then uses rapidographs, archival brush pens, to smudge and blend, creating dramatic effects. The subjects are drawn as if they are paper cutouts, evoking Victorian paper dolls, and acting as a bridge for the viewer between traditional virtues and modern day corruption. This technique also serves to create a focal point for the works and narrative. Mararian expresses the dark side of human nature through his family portraits. On a visual level, by allotting each artwork a distinctly shaped frame to define its character, Mararian subtly intensifies the viewer’s response. Squares represent fear, circles wrath, and rectangles symbolize faults and weakness.

Well worth checking out if you are in the neighborhood, with the exhbition opening in July you have plenty of time to plan around it. The show will run from July 19 through August 9.


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Curved iMac Has Your Back…

Curved iMac

Many things come to mind when I imagine new features that might be useful on my Mac; a touch screen, integrated 3G connectivity, pop-out remote control, integrated LCD projector, and maybe even a ninja bear defense radar system… I had an incident, let it go. Designer Nuno Teixeira believes every computer should be two faced and with more curves. I dated that girl for a while and it was a hot nightmare, but his “iView” iteration of an Apple’s iMac definitely has a lot more appeal. Taking a cue from the 1950’s CINERAMA wrap-around movie theatre screens, this iMac iMock-up features a giant curved screen(for better orientation to the natural curvature of the human eye) and a second built in LCD screen on the back(useful for students and graphic designer.) While shooting for the stars, Nuno also included two webcams(front and back). The likelihood this will ever be made? 0%, the likelihood I would really like one of these? 100%

Via: YankoDesign

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Stirling Engine Motherboard Fans Powered By Waste Chip Heat

Stirling Engine Motherboard Fans Powered by Waste Chip Heat

Motherboard manufacturer MSI is toying around with new “powerless” cooling fans in their labs that harvest heat from processors with tiny Stirling Engines. Brilliant!

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Philips’ Interactive LED Installation At Arkansas Children’s Hospital

 Philips’ Interactive LED Installation at Arkansas Children’s Hospital

Philips has installed this playful LED wall at Mercy Medical Center in Rogers, Arkansas. An array of 1,420 touch-sensitive panels change colors every time they are tapped, capable of registering up to six discrete participants at a time.

If you want to get an idea of what it’s like, Gadget Lab‘s Rob Beschizza made a Flash version.

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Lunar Beauty To Bedazzle Azerbaijan Skyline

Lunar Beauty To Bedazzle Azerbaijan Skyline

Reinventing the traditional notion of the skyscraper, Azerbaijan-based Heerim Architects have dreamed up two stunning lunar inspired projects that will radically change the skyline of the capital city of the central Asian republic. The Korean firm plans to build the Full Moon Bay and the Caspian Plus on opposite sides of the bay to act as markers of the gateway to Baku. The highlight of the project will be the celestial Hotel Full Moon which will be constructed essentially as a disc with rounded edges and a hole in one of the top corners that would appear drastically different from different viewing angles. The bulky centre will give the front a distinct appearance with the glass diagrid contrasting with the hexagonal honeycombs in the back of the structure. The main building of the hotel will house the 35 storey luxury hotel with 104,182 square meters of space occupying 382 rooms.

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Genius Rear Shock Bike Control System

Genius rear shock bike control system

The Genius range of mountain bikes from Scott were designed with a variety of riding levels in mind, from crossing the Alps to a leisurely tour with friends. One of the standout features of the bikes is an adjustable rear shock system that is easily operated via handle bar levers.

The bikes combine an ultra light weight frame with the “smart” Genius TC dampening system that operates the rear shocks to the three adjustment positions via the handle bars. The “lockout” setting locks the rear shock for steep climbs, “traction” with 80 mm travel is the perfect choice for bumpy, root covered single trails and 130 mm “all travel” is designed for tough downhills. The fabricated frame is made from high-grade CR1 carbon with HMF carbon fiber, ILS intelligent linkage system, 3D custom butted alloy swingarm, SCR sealed cable routing and sealed aircraft bearings technology.

The front suspension all features FOX 32 Talas RL, air spring, rebound adjustable, lockout and three travel positions. The rear is the Genius TC system with traction mode and rebound adjustable.

The Genius range comes in four models, with the difference in price relating to the quality of components you’re after. The top of the line Genius MC-10 features Shimano XTR / XT 27 speed gears, DT Swiss XR1 wheelset, Ritchey Pro carbon and Shimano XT disc brakes. The MC-20 comes with Sram X-9 27 speed gears, Truvativ Firex 3.3 crankset, Mavic Crossride wheelset and Avid Juciy 5 disc brakes. The MC-30 has the same specs as the MC-20, minus the Mavic Crossride wheelset. Rounding out the group is the MC-40 for featuring Shimano XT / LX 27 speed, Shimano 542 crankset and Avid Juciy 3.5 disc brakes.

Available in Australia via Netti Atom

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GREEN CELL Aims To Put An End To All Those Annoying Cell Phone Chargers And Batteries


Every day you see that companies are launching new cellphone models and each of them comes with a new type of battery and a new charger. So what about all those chargers and batteries you have collected in earlier years. Simple, you just throw it into the landfill where hazardous chemicals present in the batteries reach the water channels and come back to your home. Have you ever thought of a safer alternative to all this pollution? This problem would not have been as great as it is today had cellphone manufacturers developed similar batteries and chargers for all the models.

However, that is something we wish and for now we have to think about some other alternative. The Green Cell Battery is one such alternative. It’s a safe, ecofriendly battery that is made without any toxic chemicals and the best part is that whenever it runs out of charge, it can easily be exchanged for a fresh battery at a local vending machine.

Designed by Theo Richardson with Charles Brill and Alex Williams of RBW for the Greener Gadgets Competition, this battery ensures that used batteries don’t enter the landfill, but are efficiently recycled in the best possible way. Another good feature is that the battery has been designed to operate with all the electronic gadgets that are presently in the market so that users don’t have to change the cell when a new model comes in the market.

Via: Inhabitat

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Usugrow’s Love Hate From JP Book

Usugrow’s Love Hate From JP Book

Japanese artist Usugrown has gone from strength to strength on the scene in teh States following work for the likes of Brooklyn Projects and Upper Playground to a joint show with Mike Giant at the world reknown San Fransisco White Walls Gallery. His latest project entails a book “Love Hate From JP” published by Fifty24SF Books, the book puts some of Usugrow’s most impressive work on showcase with his very distinctive style. Get your hands on the publication online at Upper Playground.

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WACK ! At P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center – Organized By MOCA

WACK ! at P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center ~ Organized by MOCA

P.S.1 Contemporary Art Center presents WACK! Art and the Feminist Revolution, the first comprehensive, historical exhibition to examine the international foundations and legacy of feminist art. Organized by MOCA Ahmanson Curatorial Fellow Connie Butler for The Museum of Contemporary Art, Los Angeles. WACK!  focuses on the crucial period of the 1970s, during which the majority of feminist activism and artmaking occurred internationally. On  exhibition through 12 May, 2008.


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NOH Suntag Solos At Württembergischer Kunstverein In Stuttgart

NOH Suntag solos at Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart

From March 1 to May 18, 2008, Württembergischer Kunstverein in Stuttgart is presenting the first comprehensive solo exhibition of the South Korean photo artist NOH Suntag in Europe. The show will feature about 200 photographs. NOH, born in Seoul in 1971, ranks among the most advanced photo artists in South Korea, his works having attracted great attention there in recent years. Among other shows, he took part in the Gwangju Biennale in 2006. The exhibition showcases works from between 2000 and 2007.

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