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Fresh Paint – The First Israeli Art Fair

 Fresh Paint - The First Israeli Art Fair

Sorry to disappoint… but all invitations for the opening night have all gone…

Please do come at a later date – it will sure be a refreshing art fair!

For anyone who needs further information about the fair, please do not hesitate to contact us at: rawartint et gmail dot com.

Looking forward to seeing you and thanks again for all the feedback!

Fresh Paint Art Fair


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Jack Johnson – Sleep Through The Static

Jack Johnson - Sleep Through The Static 

Jack Johnson recorded his fourth album using nothing but solar power. This is somehow fitting for a singer-songwriter, surfer, and filmmaker who spends most of his days floating in the ocean under Hawaii’s open skies. The forces of nature certainly seem to have found their way into the mellow grooves of standout tracks like “What You Thought You Need,” “Adrift,” and “Go On,” songs so lovely and effortless that you can almost hear the melodies coming to Johnson on a warm breeze that rustles through the coconut trees. Sleep Through the Static documents his best work to date, even better than the Curious George soundtrack. The sedate singer transforms the acoustic campfire strums of the past into sublime, soulful ruminations on his wife, kids, and the state of the world. He even manages to conjure up some real anger on the title track, which is hardly diminished by its lavish grooves and glistening harmonies.

If you like Jack Johnson check out his new CD – it’s great!

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New York Times Launches TimesMachine (for viewing old newspapers)

New York Times launches TimesMachine (for viewing old newspapers)

The New York Times has launched a nifty browser for reading old newspapers. Like really old. The company has scanned copies of every issue from 1851 through the end of 1922 and put the results online as a series of PDF files. That means you can read stories about the Civil War, World War I, and the sinking of the titanic just as they originally appeared a hundred years ago. Except, you know, on a computer screen and not newsprint.

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