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Rip Curl’s H-Bomb Heated Wetsuit – Tested In The Arctic Circle

Rip Curl’s H-Bomb Heated Wetsuit

Rip Curl has been testing its highly-anticipated H-Bomb heated wetsuit in the freezing waters of the North Atlantic.

The Hawaii/So-Cal surf lifestyle is very attractive to folk all over the world – even those who live in far less temperate areas. And while a regular neoprene wetsuit can do an excellent job in cool water, there’s still a point at which the temperature calls time – but when Rip Curl finally releases its heated H-Bomb wetsuit, it seems that die-hard surfers will be able to brave even a sub-zero arctic chill to chase the perfect set.

Featuring two fibre-heating elements and a mobile phone-style lithium-ion batery pack, the H-Bomb offers two levels of heating. Switch it on and the wetsuit warms a nicely spread out area, which the flow of water through the suit then distributes around the body.

During the Arctic test sessions, surfers Adam Wickwire from Florida and Elise Garrigue from Hawaii spent eight days hunting waves in the freezing North Atlantic and Arctic Circle. “It’s kind of hard to explain how crazy the trip was,” said Wickwire, “It was so cold that when we went surfing we couldn’t even get changed into our wetsuits outside – we’d have to get changed in the car and then sit there until the H-Bomb started to heat up. Once the rubber heated up it was easy to get into the water with our hood, booties and gloves though.”

But the new suit made a big difference: “The cold wasn’t even a factor when we were surfing, because the wetsuits are that good. The only time you felt the water is when you got flushed and that actually helped because the water circulated around the wetsuit and helped distribute the heat. It was just like surfing in normal water.”

Rip Curl has taken down its H-Bomb minisite in the last week or so, so I am expecting news very soon about when it will be released, along with pricing details.


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Banksy Works On Sale At New Exhibition

Banksy Works On Sale At New Exhibition 

Eight years ago a hard-up student spent the last £300 of his student loan on a piece of art. Next week it will be displayed in a commercial art gallery with a price tag of £150,000. The work in question, Riot Green, is one of more than 60 pieces by Banksy to go on show in the biggest ever commercial exhibition organised for the urban artist; it will include six pieces never exhibited.

Prices for Banksy’s work have rocketed; at last week’s charity Red Auction at Sotheby’s in New York one was sold for more than $1.8m (£921,000).

London dealer Acoris Andipa, who is responsible for buying much of Banksy’s work, will host the month-long exhibition at the Andipa Gallery. “From the very beginning I got involved because of the aesthetic – he is just brilliant, I think he’s a genius. Good contemporary art is all about how well artists reflect our society and I think Banksy is like a present day Punch magazine.”

For many people Banksy will always be the anonymous street satirist and the exhibition will include works originally made for the street such as Flower Thrower from a road sign in Berlin. But Acoris said they had not included any street work for sale because it was meant “for the people”.

Among the unseen work is a 2006 piece called Roadwork Rat and Lenin on Roller Blades, from 2003. The work Riot Green will be on sale after being auctioned last year by student Gez Smith for nearly £80,000, a considerable return on his £300 investment.

Via: The Guardian

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Lego MP3 Players And iPod Dock: Block Rockin’ Beats

While I don’t think these are officially sanctioned by LEGO, these whimsical MP3 players bear a striking resemblance to the colorful interlocking plastic blocks.

Lego MP3 Players And iPod Dock

Homade’s LEGO-esque media players cleverly conceal their controls into the raised dots on the surface of each block. The players come in a variety of bold primary colors, and like their snap-together doppelgangers, are made primarily from plastic.


Each one comes with a built-in rechargeable Li-ion battery that should give you about 6 hours of play time, and from what I can tell, you’ll have to provide your own microSD card for storage (2GB max).

Already have an iPod? Then you might want to pick up Homade’s LEGO-like iPod stereo dock, which conceals its speakers under the bumpy block surface.


If you’re just an absolute LEGO block fanatic (and don’t mind that they’re not really LEGOs) you can find the whole collection all over at Homeloo.

Via: Technobob

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New York Photo Awards Call for Entries

New York Photo Awards Call for Entries 

A new international, annual competition to launch in conjunction with the first ever New York Photo Festival, the New York Photo Awards, will honor talented photographers from all over the world whose exceptional work “breaks new grounds visually, intellectually and aesthetically.” The awards will give those visual artists the opportunity to reach key decision-makers in the photographic community and the editorial, fine art and fashion worlds. Submissions will be accepted through 14 April 2008. The Awards will be announced in May during the inaugural edition of the festival. For more info head here.

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10 Corso Como Seoul

10 Corso Como Seoul

With the much talked about expansion of Milan’s 10 Corso Como into Seoul in march, comes the launch of their own website. Stay tuned for more info, as this site could become a regular source of great info over time.

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