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Illustrations From The Inside

Illustrations from the Inside 

Illustrations from the Inside:  The Beat Within is a collection of prison art from Mark Batty Publisher, New York.  The artwork, almost excluisively pencils sketches, has been produced by incarcerated youths and explores themes like catarthis and frustration as well as communication, release and healing. Illustrations from the Inside:  The Beat Within is a unique look at an often forgotten genre. 


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Frank’s Chop Shop & SHUT Skateboard

 Frank’s Chop Shop & SHUT Skateboard

Frank’s Chop Shop have launched its first ever collaboration to create a limited edition skateboard with legendary original New York City skateboard company SHUT. Together with SHUT, Frank’s Chop Shop will release only 151 exclusive collectable decks designed by acclaimed artist, Steve Ellis.

The FCS/SHUT board is a unique extension of the very popular collector’s edition of the SHUT Blade board series, as well as another offering in a series of Frank’s Chop Shop exclusive limited edition products. FCS celebrated the launch of the limited edition SHUT skateboard decks with an art gallery exhibition on Monday, March 3rd from 6-9pm. FCS will transform into a temporary art gallery for one night where the FCS/SHUT deck will be on display along with original barbershop inspired artwork by Steve Ellis.

Steve Ellis will create a total of about 10 pieces which were available for sale in-store the night of the art gallery opening and are now available for purchase on the frank151.com

The FCS/SHUT board is dipped fully in white with the FCS logo across the front and the design imprinted on a 32.375″ x 8″ Todd Jordan shaped deck. The front of the board also features a message from Benjamin Franklin, the original “Modern Gentleman of Leisure,” that reads, “A slip of the foot you may soon recover, but a slip of the tongue you may never get over”. The back of the board features a full image of a barber blade created by Steve Ellis, one of the standout artists that SHUT enlisted to design the blade board series.

With only 151 available, make sure you get your FCS/SHUT deck ASAP!

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Rip And Store All Your Music With Ripserver


Music CDs lying all around the living room are not a very nice idea. A veritable eyesore, in fact. Now Irish music solution provider Ripfactory has come out with an innovative solution to this problem with the very good looking music storage device called the Ripserver. This small very chic-looking device, not much bigger than a shoe box, but packs in quite a punch with it’s monstrous storage capacity of 1 terabyte. That is a thousand gigs of music storage. Very nice! Ripfactory. That means your entire music collection of upto 2400 albums in MP3 format can go into this handy little device. Now again, putting all that music into this device is juat as easy as well. Enter the CD drive, whose slot just looks like a post box slot. Slide in your audio CD’s, the Ripserver will rip them rightaway and archive them. what more, the Ripserver comes with a USB 2.0 port just in case you feel like ripping your music from a pen drive, from elsewhere right into the ripserver. Plug and Play. Very simple.

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Lots Of New Victin:ary!


Favorite JS booksmith/art publisher Viction:ary has a few new titles that you won’t find at your local Barnes & Noble, which are well worth your cash/credit spendage:

  • Simply Material is a visual compendium of media to use as your canvas. Can you liberate the art from concrete or harness the awesome potential of epoxy resin?
  • Fashion Wonderland sounds like a fairly pretentious theme park, but contents of this book are pretty arresting. Tons of designers have contributed the illustrations and art they take their aesthetic cues from.
  • Illustration – Play puts the spotlight on 23 international artists and their unique illo medium. Paper cutting, stitchery, hand knit, fabric piecing, origami, patchwork, and more are represented.
  • Type Addicted is a thorough read for the font aficionado; see how real typographical artists slice up the Roman alphabet.

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Honeyee Magazine Issue 4

Honeyee Magazine Issue 4 

The fourth issue of Hiroshi Fujiwara’s Honeyee Magazine is set to launch on the 17th March throughout Japan. The fourth issue will pay special attention to the opening of HOODS Hong Kong, and in keeping with the theme of expansion with W)Taps and Neighborhood, will focus on a global look at the culture. The magazine will coincide also with the release of the Honeyee X Fragment  X Nintendo DS Lite, and also a new colaboration shirt with W)Taps. Check it out below and stay tuned for more. Info from Honeyee.

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