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ASCII Code Curtains

 ASCII Code Curtains

In the days of yore, the tree of knowledge was located in the very remote Garden of Eden and the worst things around were a snake and an apple. These days we have a new tree of knowledge called the Internet, with an infinite number of branches housing an equal amount of sordid temptation and earthly delights digitally encoded for our viewing pleasure or penchant for debauchery. It’s this ever-expanding tree of information which serves as the inspiration behind Dutch designer Nienke Sybrandy’s ASCII Code Curtains. Her unique curtain design utilizes the common language representing text in both computers and other communication equipment to create a super sweet geek chic rendering of the new tree from which all knowledge is shared.

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Chris Levine: The Lightness Of Being

The Lightness Of Being

Have you ever wanted to see the Queen of England…IN YOUR FACE?!? Thanks to revolutionary light artist Chris Levine’s heralded series of Royal 3D and light based portraits, entitled The Lightness of Being, now you can. Not previously recognized for his portraiture prowess, Levine seemed an odd choice when commissioned by the Jersey Heritage Trust to mark 800 years of the British Isle’s allegiance to the Monarchy. However, due to his innovation in the fields of light and modern image making, he got the job. Levine had the rare honor of being granted two sittings with Queen Elizabeth II, in which he utilized the latest in holography equipment to fashion an ‘original holographic stereogram portrait’ employing a host of still photographs taken from a multitude of different angles. The resultant image garnered praise from Mario Testino as the most beautiful image of the Queen he had ever seen. Now that’s an endorsement. The Queen is not the only royal who gets Levine’s light-based treatment. If you want to see who else has been revolutionarily rendered, I suggest heading down to the StolenSpace Gallery at The Old Truman Brewery in London from March 14th to the 23rd. You won’t be disappointed.

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Ralph Savelsberg’s 1946 Mercury Sportsman “Woody”

Ralph Savelsberg’s 1946 Mercury Sportsman “Woody”Ralph Savelsberg (Flickr) makes amazing airplanes, to be sure, but I also love his wheeled vehicles.

His latest car is a 1946 Mercury “Woody.” Perfect for that trip to the beach you’ve been planning for the first day of summer.

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New Leaf: Renewal


Spring is almost upon us, and with the warming of the weather we begin to anticipate the circle of life re-asserting itself. Flowers will bloom, birds will begin chirping and the trees will be full of color yet again after their wintry hiatus. It’s a time for renewal, not only for Mother Nature, also for the aptly named Bay area based clothiers at New Leaf. The company started by artists Erik Otto and Deny Khoung as a way to offer the opportunity to express individuality in a genuine and purposeful way, is all set to release their Renewal line in concert with nature’s renewal. Their latest creations will focus on water-related imagery that aims to ‘capture the imagination and inspire a deeper meaning.’ Their designs aren’t the only genuine and purposeful thing about New Leaf. They also champion social justice and humanitarian causes by donating a percentage of sales to groups such as Feed The Children, International Justice Mission and the Red Cross – because Mother Nature can’t do it all herself.

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The Censors Take Down YouTube And Google News In China.

The Censors Take Down YouTube And Google News In China. 

Amid the recent protests and violent crackdown in Tibet, the Chinese government is closing off all media access to the region and censoring reports about Tibet inside China. That includes not just CNN, but YouTube and Google News. Both Google sites have been blocked from the Internet in China. News reports about the protests and images that appear to come from inside Tibet are available on YouTube.

Via: TechCrunch

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Tim Noble And Sue Webster Wasted Youth Book

Tim Noble and Sue Webster Wasted Youth Book

British artist’s Tim Noble & Sue Webster who create some very fascinating sculptures have put together a 115 page publication entitled “Wasted Youth”. Conceived as a ‘box-set’ greatest hits collection, this title examines in detail the artists major sculptural works of the past decade. In close collaboration with the artists, YES Studio was involved in the books’ naming, editing, design and creative direction. The book features 125 colour plates, a 32 page text section containing essays by Norman Rosenthal and Jeffrey Deitch, double-page typographic chapter breaks, metallic end-papers on uncoated stock and a hard cover with gold-foil details. In addition thanks to Krink we have some great images of past work with a piece from 2000 called ‘Trash’ the pick of the pack with McDonalds packaging, replica food, wood and light projector.

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Still Life 2008 Powder Seeker

Still Life 2008 Powder Seeker

We all know about Hirsohi Fujiwara as a trend setter and musican and his passion for snow, which has now culminated in a fascinating feature on Honeyee. Entitled Still Life 2008 Powder Seeker the feature includes a series of impressive images from Tomamu in Hokkaido and another famous destination for skiers and snowboarders alinke in Japan Hokkado  in Aomori. The feature which captures a number of snaps with Hiroshi Fujiwara and his high profile friends also gives a brief insight to what we can expects from Burton [ ak ] for the winter of 2008.

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Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins The Well Exhibition

Greg ‘Craola’ Simkins The Well Exhibition

Greg Simkins latest solo exhibition The Well opened at M Modern in Palm Springs over the weekends featuring the distinctive work we have become accustomed to of Simkins. With obscure creatures, primarily acrylic on wood with a few black and white drawings the show was a huge success with almost all the work sold prior to opening night. Well worth checking out this impressive collection of work that really speaks for themselves.

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The Memory Of Pablo Escobar

The Memory of Pablo Escobar 

The Memory of Pablo Escobar is a 350page, 3lb photographic biography of the world’s most infamous drug barronm, by James Mollison and Rainbow Nelson.   Escobar controlled 80% of the world’s cocaine in the 1980’s.  In fact, in 1989 he was listed in Forbes Magazine as the 7th richest man in the world.  He was also responsible for the killing of 30 judges, 457 policemen, and other deaths at a rate of 20 each day for two months. 

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Museum Of Arts & Design Will Exhibit ‘Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary’

Museum of Arts & Design will exhibit ‘Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary’

The Museum of Arts & Design will inaugurate its new home at Columbus Circle with Second Lives: Remixing the Ordinary, a special thematic exhibition featuring 40 contemporary artists from 17 countries who transform discarded, commonplace, or valueless objects into extraordinary works of art. On view from September 2008 through March 2009, Second Lives includes new commissions and site-specific installations, created from gun triggers, spools of thread, tires, hypodermic needles, dog tags, old eyeglasses, and telephone books, among other manufactured and mass-produced objects.

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