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FAA-Approved Flight Simulator From HotSeat

 Flight Simulator From HotSeat

After giving us Flight Simulator TRX Game Chair and the Luxury racing simulator, HotSeat is back with yet another smashing new real-to-life simulator and this time, it even has the official stamp of approval. Yes, ladies, gents and kids, the new Flight Simulator Chassis from HotSeat does hold the all-important FAA approval and this home flight trainer may just be the thing you and your kids could really use for a sturdy practice run before getting your hands on a real single engine flyer. Equipped with a tubular steel frame with six speakers and 5.1 Dolby Digital surround sound, with the center channel and sub-woofer under the seat to let you have a real feel of flight conditions, the flight simulator also lets you see a real-life visual of flying with its trio of 22-inch LCD monitors in front of the seat that give a 66-inch panoramic view to simulate virtual skies for the pilot.


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See-Through LED’s Display Information For Subways

 See-through LED’s display information for Subways

See-through Information LED is a concept that replaces conventional doors and windows of the subway carriage with a display that hosts information or decorative graphics, while still performing the window/door function. The LEDs can be used to relay important announcements like train delays, emergency situation or for advertisements. Either ways it can be a very helpful alternative to traditional loudspeaker announcements and display ads.

The See-through Information LED for subways is designed by Kim Hye-Jin, Lim Woo-Teik, Seo Heung-Kyo, Jung Dae-Heon, and Jung Young-Wook.

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Wearable Airbags Make Crashing On A Motorcycle A Hilarious Event

Here’s a video of a wearable airbag, something designed for people who ride motorcycles and people who are really accident prone. It’s essentially a suit that inflates as you’re going down, making sure your face doesn’t stop your fall into the concrete. It’s not due out until 2010, but check out the new video of it in action. [Product Page via Boing Boing]

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Lollyphile: The Least Kosher Lollipop In The History Of Candy!

Lollyphile The least kosher lollipop in the history of candy!

The least kosher lollipop in the history of candy!

These lollys combine organic Vermont maple syrup with organic, sustainably farmed bacon to make a salty/sweet candy-on-a-stick!

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The crazy folks at LVHRD are at it again, drawing some big names for this year’s PHTHRD event. Jonathan Harris, Joseph O. Holmes and Elizabeth Weinberg will be live and in person next Tuesday, 25 March 2008, taking 150 Polaroids (R.I.P.) at the event in order to craft a mosaic narrative on the spot. All skilled photographers that use their media to tell stories, the event offers a chance to watch them work and maybe even be discovered. LVHRD’s latest VDO featuring the photographers explains it all, through, what else, Polaroids.

LVHRD is always an “event,” but this years PHTHRD is an absolute can’t-miss and tickets are selling like bottled water. I wish I could tell you where it will be held, but all I know is it will be somewhere in Brooklyn. You’re gonna have to buy a ticket to find out. As LVHRD likes to put it, “welcome to the mystery.”

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Clay Ketter: Gulf Coast Slabs

Gulf Coast Slabs 

 A show of new work by the American artist Clay Ketter opened in London this week at Bartha Contemporary. Ketter, who has lived in Sweden for over 20 years, is renowned for creating art works through the investigation of construction techniques. His work on the surface has a beautifully minimalist aesthetic, but the real interest lies beneath the layers in a “truth to materials” approach and the perfection of the process. Previous works of furniture installation and framed plaster work recall fêted American Abstract Expressionists such as Donald Judd and Mark Rothko.

Gulf Coast Slabs embraces the medium of large scale photography to continue the construction theme. After Hurricane Katrina Ketter decided to return to his native land to see the damage done for himself. He was accompanied by photographer Nils Bergendal and together they found whole neighborhoods where only the foundations of buildings remained. Like ghosts of the recent past, the slabs revealed the outlines of what were once happy homes.

Using a crane to elevate themselves directly above the site Ketter and Bergendal recorded what look like illustrated architectural floor plans, colored in with the texture and colors of vinyl floors and bathroom tiles. The odd bits of strewn beams and pieces of plaster board fallen at an awkward angles break the grid-like pattern. If studied closely random domestic objects such as plates, toilet bowls and cracked glass table tops can be seen. All around the edges of these strangely clean swept slabs vines and grasses are growing wild, showing nature returning to reclaim these man-made remains.

Ketter, who worked as a builder and carpenter for many years, was deeply moved by the destruction of these homes. He described the experience of making this work as “emotionally grueling” and in the catalog produced by Bartha Contemporary he writes, “This book, and the body of work represented here, is dedicated to the people of the Gulf Coast of Mississippi, in particular of Gulfport, Long Beach, Pass Christian and Waveland. We are forever grateful to these people, some of whom we have had the pleasure of meeting. Their former homes are the subject matter of this project… We were as cautious as possible in our project, imagining, without truly knowing, the weight of this catastrophe and the scars it must have left behind…To receive such warmth and hospitality from these people, who had been dealt such a cruel hand, was both moving and inspirational.”

Gulf Coast Slabs. Through 18 May 2008. Bartha Contemporary,136b Lancaster Road, First Floor, London.


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Why Train To Surf?

Why Train To Surf? 

At one time or another, we surfers, have had the daunting task of trying to explain what surfing feels like to a non-surfer. After several off-base analogies, we usually come to the conclusion that there are no words to describe the feeling of surfing. Surfing is an experience that only, the act itself can do it justice and there is nothing else quite like it. With that in mind, you would think that those of us that surf would do anything (legal or not) in our power to keep surfing for as long as we can.

So why is it that the thought of training or working out to surf has been such a taboo? Why have surfers traditionally shied away from something that not only can enhance the experience of surfing, but also keep them in the water as they enter the later years of life? Simply put, misinformation.

The reason surfers haven’t taken to training to surf as other athletes have for their respective sports is that surfers are afraid the training will adversely affect their surfing and their body type. How many times have you heard or said yourself, “If I workout I’ll get too big and bulky”or, “If I workout, I’ll get all tight and lose flexibility”.

These concerns are not without merit. Nobody wants to get big, bulky and tight to prepare for fast fluid surfing. The good news is we don’t have to. The right type of results will come with the right type of training. It all boils down to the correct approach. There are as many ways to approach training to surf as there are to surfing a right hand point break. It is important that you educate yourself to the different techniques and be careful of who you get your training advice from.

In addition to the above reasons surfers are reluctant to train, there is a popular myth that just going surfing often is the best way to get in shape for surfing. This is not true of surfing or any other sport for that matter. Yes, the more surfing you do the better skills you will have. What we are talking about is the demand surfing puts on the human body.

As much fun as surfing is, it is also demanding, chaotic and even dangerous at times. It creates great wear and tear on shoulder, low back, hip and knee, joints and muscles. It also creates muscle imbalances, which means too tight in some areas and too weak in others. Proper strengthening and conditioning of your body’s structures before you hit the water will prolong the health of joints and keep imbalances to a minimum. The result is better surfing performance and less injury!

So what else can proper training do for your surfing besides injury prevention? Here is a short list of the benefits of proper training and how they can help your surfing:

# Increased strength = Better board control.
# Increased power = More powerful moves with less effort.
# Greater balance and stability = Pushing the limits with less falls.
# Increased muscular endurance = More paddling and pumping with less fatigue.
# Increased cardiovascular endurance = Less shortness of breath paddling back out.

With all of these great benefits from proper training, why on earth would someone that lives to surf, not train to surf better and surf longer? I have no idea. Hopefully, you have seen the light and want to train to enhance one of the best experiences in your life. Surfing.

Check out these routines where SurFitness discuss the most effective ways to train for surfing.

Check out:

Surfitness Circuit Training 
Back Circuit Training 
Core Area Circuit Training

Danny, this one is specially for you!

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Kaikai Kiki Artists Opening Party


Takashi Murakami will always have his own place cemented in Japan folk law of art having a resume that astounds many. Now with his mastermind known as Kaikai Kiki really beginning to showcase a number of talented upcoming artists, how better to celebrate in some style which in turn also celebrated the opening of their new gallery in Roppongi’s Rolling Stones Cafe.

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Polaroid Spectra “Blitz”

Polaroid Spectra “Blitz” 

Polaroid fans will be more than aware of the companies passing, many of you I’m sure will be scampering for film and camera’s in an attempt to make them last. If you are, this Lomo ‘Spectra’ is a great way to fill the void, they are available now online for just US$80, or US$110 with film.

“Polaroid Spectra “Blitz”: Created in the early 1980’s, the Spectra system propelled Polaroid’s consumer film into a higher level of quality and resolution. Images are 9x7cm, vs. 8x8cm for a standard square-format shot. In 2001, the mighty fine Spectra Blitz was released. Its wide-angle 3-element lens sees 33% more than your average 600-series Polaroid and renders each image with bold color and contrast. It uses the excellent Spectra film – which is available in our Shop. As it was discontinued a few years ago, we have only 200 brand-new deadstock units available.”

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Mark Ward For Burton

Mark Ward For Burton 

The latest artist to take part in Burton‘s ‘Project 13’ Artist Series is Londoner Mark Ward, who has given the snowboard giant a taste of his style with this limited edition t-shirt. Burton is yet another major brand to add to Ward’s already impressive client list.

A keen snowboarder himself, Ward has flipped the tongue from his trademark ‘chattering teeth’ logo into a Burton board for this graphic. The front print is accented with gold foil while the lower back features the artist’s signature alongside the Burton logo. Head to a Burton flagship store near you to get your teeth into one of these bad boys…

Utah guy, are we heading to the mountains soon?

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