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Tony Oursler’s Skull In The Woods Video Projection In New Zealand

Tony Oursler’s Skull In The Woods Video Projection In New Zealand

Tony Oursler’s mysterious and intruguing work has hit the shores of New Zealand with this great skull in the woods video projection. The New York artist work in Kaukapakapa with this fascinating display of work with mass proportions exuberates and gives the beauty of New Zealand something to boast. Mens Vogue summed up the events to great effect.

There was a 100-foot-tall nude woman, her white shoulders like clouds, rolling around on the hill to our right. Below, on the mudflats coming up to the harbor’s banks, huge eyes and mouths popped out of the wet ground, growling and chirping. To the left, on the trees, a gigantic skull twisted and changed, now human, now simian, now some terrible distortion of a head, a tour of death and birth and evolution all at once.

The American artist Tony Oursler, who was responsible for all this—video projected onto the landscape—was watching over his creation one evening last November from the deck of the Kaukapakapa country house of Alan Gibbs—at 68, one of the wealthiest men in New Zealand and one of its leading art patrons. The house itself, overlooking Kaipara Harbour, an hour or so north of Auckland, is a modest enough affair for someone reported to be worth over $450 million, even if little else here is particularly unassuming. A sample fun weekend activity at the Farm: sit inside the caged ball at the top of the world’s largest Tesla coil while several million volts of electricity spin around you before they burst into 40-foot-long lightning bolts. “It’ll knock your socks off,” Gibbs told me a month later, his voice resonating like a pistol shot over the phone. “We’ve all been inside the damn thing: It’s scary as… keep reading here.


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