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Bang & Olufsen Touchless Remote Control Is Too Good To Be Real

Bang & Olufsen Touchless Remote Control Is Too Good To Be Real

Every time I watch a SciFi flick, I get greedy for all those out-of-the-world gadgets. So many times they show that there is nothing concrete, someone is only pressing some buttons in the air. Trust Bang & Olufsen to make this fantasy into reality with Touchless B&O remote control. Still a prototype, it was designed by Joris Van Gelder. Inspired by the idea of making a remote control exclusively for kitchen use, he wanted to come up with something you didn’t need to touch. Cause remote controls are considered to be one of the gadgets that house maximum bacteria. Voila, he succeeded in doing so and here is the first if its kind at work. Looks really nice, but since it’s still a concept, we need to dirty our remotes till we can buy these touchless remotes off the shelf.


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Digital Photo To DVD Converter Doesn’t Need A Computer

Digital Photo To DVD Converter Doesn’t Need A Computer

If you are a nostalgic freak like me, then I’m sure you would possess plenty of photographs. Reliving the past with these photos is not only necessity but a passion amongst my ilk. With the advent of digicams it’s become easier not only to take pictures but also to access them. Converting the taken pictures into DVD without the use of a computer is a kid’s job with the Digital Photo To DVD Converter. The device converts the photos to MPEG format and is immediately burned onto a CD (CD-RW or CD-R required). The CD can be then used in a DVD player for slide show viewing. The device features an album index that allows easy photograph selection prior to full-screen viewing. The recorder can also burn photographs onto a CD in JPEG format, thus allowing you to view the CDs photographs on your computer.

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Nintendo’s Wii Wheel For $14.99

Nintendo’s Wii Wheel for $14.99

For all those who intend to freeload on pals once Mario Kart Wii is out (On April 27th), you can snap up extra wheels for less than $15, considering your friend gets his free with the game. Check out the cool flyer that GameStop has come out with to promote the wheel.

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Suzuki Crossgate Hydrogen Powered Motorcycle Enters Production

Suzuki Crossgate Hydrogen powered motorcycle enters production

Bikers everywhere rejoice, we have two news that will cheer you up. First Suzuki has decided to put its super cool Crosscage concept motorcycle into production and secondly it is hydrogen powered. The bike developed in conjuction with British Intelligent Energy is powered by lightweight air-cooled fuel-cell system and a high-performance secondary battery. Technical details, pricing and availability are not known for now.

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Brevard Art Museum Hosts The PostSecret Exhibition

Brevard Art Museum hosts the PostSecret Exhibition

In November 2004, Frank Warren handed out 3,000 postcards to strangers. He invited people to write down a secret anonymously and mail it to him. Each secret had to be true and something that had never been shared with another person.  These initial secrets were exhibited in Washington, D.C., later that year. After the first exhibition closed, word of the project spread.  People began crafting their own homemade postcards and the artful secrets began arriving from every continent.

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Art Cologne 2008 From 16th To 20th April

Art Cologne 2008 from 16th to 20th April

After a thorough upgrading of exhibitor quality, a select group of 140 galleries will be showcasing works in categories ranging from modernism to contemporary art from 16th to 20th April at ART COLOGNE 2008. The special Open Space segment will offer exhibition space to the projects of about 50 artists. Additional highlights of ART COLOGNE 2008 will include previously unknown and newly discovered works on the art market through the special programmes Hidden Treasures, New Contemporaries and New Talents.

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Kelly Slater Wins At Bells Beach Again

Kelly Slater wins at Bells Beach again 

Eight-time world champion Kelly Slater kept his unbeaten record intact for 2008 with a come-from-behind victory over Australia’s Bede Durbidge in the Rip Curl Pro final at Bells Beach.

The American superstar completed a clean sweep of the Australian leg of the 11-event tour after winning on the Gold Coast early this month.

Slater, 36, performed a spectacular aerial manoeuvre to record an 8.3 with four minutes left in the 35-minute decider to pile the pressure on Durbidge, who needed a 6.8 to pull off an unlikely win in the inconsistent, one metre swell.

Durbidge tried hard on his final wave but it fizzled out, handing the Bells trophy to Slater, who also took out this event in 1994 and 2006.

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What Is Surfing?

What is Surfing? 

What is surfing but an outlet for anxiety and stress, an inlet for nature and satisfaction, a connection between you and the ocean with your board acting like some semi-conductor of magnetic and gravitational forces pulsing from the center the sprawling expanse of nature itself? Sounds a bit fluffy, huh? But stay with me on this. It’s this connection that is at the very core of the surfing experience. This connection is addictive, all-encompassing, and sometimes all-powerful. This connection enthralls many to forsake relationships, careers, and even their own health only to emerge ten years down the line, weather-beaten and alone with only memories of great waves and great times.

“What’s wrong with that?” you ask. Then you know where I am coming from. It all sounds tragic, but it is a noble addiction. Some risk their lives hurling themselves over precipices of liquid concrete into the guts of a 10-meter meat grinder with little fanfare but maybe a few hoots from the channel. Sure, there are praise and money in the surf industry abuzz with cameras, cash, and competition, but that makes up such a small portion of the surfing experience that it’s hardly worth mentioning.

Surfers don’t need a team or a game to test their mettle. There are simply rider, board, and a fluid, uneven, and predictably unpredictable playing field, an unfeeling surface ready to swallow you whole or spit you out in shreds onto the sand, or worse, lay dormant and leave you lost and dry among the landlocked masses who have no understanding of why you get up at dawn in the splitting cold for nothing more than mushy wind swell. Hell, I doubt you even know why you do it.

Surfing is a mystery, but with enough romance to draw in droves of disciples. Some put in a season and then fade back into normalcy, unsatisfied with the high or all done mining the lifestyle of its image. Others, however, get hooked in the best way. We are the lucky ones. We see surfing as a ticket to a place only the chosen get to see. A place where only fins keep us from taking flight, where a sixteen old and a fifty year old can understand each other’s passion, a place safe enough to send your daughter but just dangerous enough to keep your boss away.

If you haven’t tried it, go for it. Surfing might move you to the core or just touch you beautifully and leave. It is, however, better to have surfed and quit then never to have surfed at all.

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Welcome to Our New Contributor “M”

Welcome to Our New Contributer “M” 

I am happy to announce that a new contributor “M” will join us at this blog.

“M” is a geek with deep knowledge of technology and much more.

His first contribution, is this video using the ATC 2000 video cam.

Welcome “M”.

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Feng – GUI Lab

Feng - GUI Lab

If you run a website, odds are you probably have at least some semblance of knowledge regarding how many hits your site is getting and where those hits are coming from. You can also get answers for how long people are spending at your site and at which content they are looking. What all of those numbers don’t always tell you is why people are clicking on what they’re clicking once they’re there. There’s a good chance it has to do with your visual presentation, so if you’re not arousing interest once people view your space…perhaps it’s because you’re not visually drawing them in. Thanks to Feng-Gui Lab, a group of visual scientists and interactive designer, now you can figure out what you’re doing wrong. Feng-GUI analyze your site’s feng shui by creating a heat map of your site that “is a composition of several algorithms from neuroscience studies of Feature integration theory, Salience, Visual Attention, eye-tracking sessions, perception and cognition of humans.” In short, Feng-GUI can help you figure out if it’s time you redesigned your page.

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