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Stussy Deluxe Website Coming Soon

Stussy Deluxe Website

Stussy’s Deluxe line will launch its own website this coming Friday, in which the site will offer the first full look at their Spring 2008 collection, designed by Nick Bower.  A mature approach to the ever ageing streetwear market, created with the finest materials and cuts.

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Nike SportBand Training Bracelet

Nike SportBand Training Bracelet

Nike has announced the new Nike+ SportBand, a bracelet that tracks pace, distance, and calories burned (estimated, of course) just like the Nike+ iPod package does-minus the need for an iPod. No price announced yet, but I expect it’ll be inexpensive. Most of the other Nike+ stuff has been so far. In the same manner that the Nike + iPod Sport Kit allows shoes to send information to a nano, the Nike+ SportBand is a wristwatch that also monitors a runner’s steps. But now a runner can check time, pace, distance and calories burned at a glance of the wrist. The Nike+ SportBand watch face is a detachable LINK that captures all the run data from a sensor located in the runner’s Nike+ ready footwear. Once a run is completed, the LINK conveniently plugs into a computer like a USB drive, so data can then be sent to nikeplus.com where a runner’s progress is tracked.

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Sony MDR-AS100W Earphones

Sony MDR-AS100W earphones

Sony Japan has announced MDR-AS100W ear canal phones. Made from aluminum they are extremely lightweight at just 25 grams. The earphones are drip proof and come with a 60 cms long extension cord making it ideal for workouts, cycling etc. Coming to the technicals Sony has used a CCAW voice coil which offers a sensitivity of 105dB/mW, playback frequency zone of 8Hz – 25kHz. and impedance of 16Ω. The stereo mini connector is gold plated and the unit comes complete with a carrying case and clip. Sony will start selling MDR-AS100W earphones in Japan from April 21.

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James Unsworth New Group Exhibition “Supergraphic” At Sartorial Contemporary Art

 James Unsworth New Group Exhibition “Supergraphic” At Sartorial Contemporary Art

Sartorial Contemporary Art will present Supergraphic a show of three outstanding new artists. They are the painting and printmaking equivalent of watching an episode of CSI or a Paul Verhoeven film. You see things that make you squirm and feel a little queasy, but you can’t look away as the knife crunches through bone with all the super graphic beauty that computers can generate.

James Unsworth combines an intense graphic beauty with disquieting scenes of murder, sex, and other mayhem, a nod to Bosch and a bash in the face.

James Unsworth graduated from the Royal College of Art in 2006 and has exhibited widely since, including a solo exhibition at Raw Art Gallery, his work has been featured in Dazed and Confused magazine and The Independent newspaper.

Sartorial Contemporary Art
101A Kensington Church Street
London W8 7LN

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Kaii Higashiyama Retrospective At The Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art

Kaii Higashiyama Retrospective at the Tokyo National Museum of Modern Art

The National Museum of Modern Art opened the exhibit Kaii Higashiyama: A Retrospective through May 18. A highly praised postwar Japanese-style painter who became widely popular among the public, Kaii Higashiyama (1908-1999) is known for his landscapes conveying deep expression of the painter’s inner world. Commemorating the 100th anniversary of his birth, this retrospective tries to capture the essence of Higashiyama’s art by presenting 100 important works, ranging from early pieces such as Afterglow and Road, to later works including the screen paintings for Toshodaiji Temple, Sound of Waves and Balmy Wind in Yangchou.

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NYU’s Bronfman Center Gallery Exhibits ‘ Becoming: Visions of Childhood ‘

Visions of Childhood ‘

New York University’s Bronfman Center Gallery is delighted to present Becoming: Visions of Childhood. weaving together an international selection of emerging and established artists.  Painting, photography, illustration, sculpture and mixed media representing a rich array of cultures, experiences and sensibilities are featured. Adela Leibowitz’s haunting narrative paintings suggest childhood’s perils that are implanted in the young.

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Phonofone II iPod Passive Amplification Speaker

Phonofone II iPod Passive Amplification Speaker 

While the Phonofone II might appear to have closer ties to the RCA brand, it’s actually designed to complement your iPod with its sleek, white, ceramic finish. Designed by Tristan Zimmermann, what’s truly unique about this speaker is that it doesn’t contain any electronics whatsoever, but relies on your iPod’s earbuds as its analog audio source.

Instead of connecting it directly to the headphone jack like with most speakers, you actually leave your earphones connected and place them in the Phonofone’s resonance chamber. Using the virtues of horn acoustics, the speaker promises to boost the audio output coming from those earphones up to 55 decibels, or roughly equivalent to the max volume on a pair of laptop speakers. But instead of getting “trebly buzzing” as the website accurately describes it, you get warm, resonant sound.

Phonofone II iPod Speaker

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Creative TravelSound i80 For The iPod Nano

Creative TravelSound i80 For The iPod Nano

Even though their own ZEN line of MP3 and media players have been well received, it’s obvious that Creative is not willing to miss out on the opportunity to profit from the incredibly popular iPod. The TravelSound i80 for the latest generation iPod Nano is pretty similar to the company’s i50 model, which was designed for the iPod Shuffle. However, the i80 Nano model only appears on the Creative ASIA website at the moment, which is kind of odd.

It’s basically a portable speaker that serves as a hand-held dock for the Nano. On the back you’ll find the decent sized speaker itself, which is powered by 4 micro drivers and a Class D digital amplifier. Since it’s a powered speaker it will probably be as loud as you’ll ever need, but that also means it’s limited to about 15 hours of use with the rechargeable battery. But as an added convenience there’s a USB port which can not only be used to recharge the battery and the Nano at the same time, but can also be used to sync with iTunes without having to remove the iPod.

 Creative TravelSound i80

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Blek Le Rat At Subliminal Projects…


To celebrate the reopening of groundbreaking gallery SUBLIMINAL PROJECTS in its new location on 1331 W Sunset Blvd this Saturday nite, April 5th, founder SHEPARD FAIREY has chosen none other than Parisian street artist BLEK LE RAT as the subject of the hotspot’s inaugural exhibition. Blek’s “Art is Not Peace but War,” a show of new spraypaint on canvas works by the pioneering artist whose work predates that of followers like Fairey, Banksy, and Nick Walker by over a decade showcases his seminal high contrast iconography in what will be the artist’s first solo exhibition in the US. For all those fans not lucky enough to get their hands on an original (prices range from $9,000–$40,000), Subliminal is making available a set of four black and white prints of Blek’s work as photographed on the street by Sybille Prou, and signed by her, Blek, and the Rat’s frequent co-conspirator, Shepard Fairey for $100 each.  The show opens at 8pm, the faithful best start saving their pennies now, and plan to queue up early.

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Microsoft Surface Set For April 17th Commercial Launch In AT&T Retail Stores

Microsoft Surface Set For April 17th Commercial Launch In AT&T Retail Stores

Microsoft Surface will be seen in five AT&T retail stores on April 17th, where (if you’re lucky and live near one of the stores) YOU can try it out for yourself. Here’s what you’ll be able to do:

Learn. Customers can review features of a particular mobile device by simply placing it on the display. Surface will recognize the device and provide a graphical overview of its capabilities. Customers will be able to place two devices side by side on the unit and easily compare their features.

Explore. Customers view interactive coverage maps at the national, state, local or street level, using simple touch and hand movement to scale and move the maps, determining their coverage area.

Customize. In the future, customers will be able to drag and drop ring tones, graphics, video and more by “grabbing” content with their hands from a menu on the display and “dropping” it into the phone.

At first, you’ll be able to test Surface with the store’s (not your personal) Samsung BlackJack II, LG Shine, BlackBerry Curve 310, Samsung a737, Sony Ericsson w580i, Sony Ericsson z750, Pantech Duo, or Motorola v3xx.

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