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Mario Kart Wii Rocks Say The Review

 Mario Kart Wii rocks say the review

Famitsu a leading Japanese gaming mag has reviewed the much awaited Mario Kart Wii and the ratings could not have been better. Famitsu has given it 10/9/9/9 rating that is 37 / 40. Keep in mind that’s with gimped Classic/GameCube controls and a baffling Wii Wheel. A must buy for every Wii owner.

Pablo this one is for you!


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Vinay Somana Ganapathy

Vinay Somana Ganapathy 

Born in southern India, raised in suburban Connecticut and formally trained in Syracuse, Brooklyn artist Vinay Somana Ganapathy draws on multiple influences that inform his imagery and work. Mixing pen, pencil and paint, Vinay’s illustrations are marked by fine, almost-frail line work and sudden bursts of color. Taking slice-of-life inspiration from the city around him and his crew of oddball friends, his drawings are strangely kinetic and eerily true-to-life. Having done illustrations for books, storyboards for animation and countless napkin drawings for girls in bars, his portfolio can now be viewed at his website (click images for detail).

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Dream Room Wants Your Mind To Wander And Dream

Dream Room wants your mind to wander and dream

Concepts are always great, good looking, and inviting as designers can think what they want to, without the worries of all the mundane things involved. Same is the case with the Dream Room, a concept designed by Fuse Project for Dwell magazine. If the concept ever meets realism, it’s without doubt going to be a wallet-straining one and uber-rich geeks are going to love it for sure. The Dream Room transforms the walls of a room into a living canvas. Using LCD displays as digital wallpapers, images are changed on command or by random settings, allowing one’s mind to wander and dream. The concept explores the boundaries of space, technology, landscape and wallpaper. Now, who wouldn’t like to dream that way?

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MartinLogan Unleashes Spire For Ultimate Acoustic Pleasure

MartinLogan unleashes Spire for ultimate acoustic pleasure

Here’s the latest and the best from MartinLogan for passionate fans of exquisite audio gear. Christened as the Spire, it actually stands true to its name by towering over the rest. The Spire is a powered hybrid model, featuring MartinLogan’s PoweredForce 10-inch aluminum cone woofer and 200-watt amplifier. This reduces the bass down to 29 Hz. And by turning the 35 Hz equalization knob you can calibrate and optimize in accordance with the room environment. Moreover Spire’s ultra rigid AirFrame and curvilinear XStat electrostatic transducer reveal a magical performance with precision, dynamics and three-dimensional sound staging. This results in accurate acoustic pleasure. Packed in a fundamental yet sturdy aluminum and composite AirFrame, Spire’s CLS (Curvilinear Line Source) XStat transducer builds upon the legacy of MartinLogan’s electrostatic heritage with advanced Vacuum Bonding and MicroPerf stat panels providing the highest levels of efficiency and precision. The result is flawless production of even the smallest subtleties in sound while effortlessly handling the broadest range of dynamics contained within even the most demanding sonic source.

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Heat From Data Center Used To Warm Swiss Swimming Pool

Heat From Data Center Used To Warm Swiss Swimming Pool 

Here’s a novel idea: rather than stressing over the choice between solar or hydroelectric power sources to keep that green data center running, just build the thing near a community pool. Apparently that’s exactly what’s happening in Uitikon, Switzerland, as an IBM-built center erected for GIB-Services AG is using its excess heat to warm a local swimming pool. Put simply, the warmth emitted by the computers will be piped through a heat exchanger to boost the temperature of water used in the neighboring pool, and while the town had to cover some of the equipment costs to make it come together, it’ll reap the oh-so-steamy benefits for free.

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New Books From Actar

New Books From Actar

I know from past experience that Barcelona-based Actar Publishing puts out some of the best books around on cutting edge design and architecture. That’s why I am super psyched for two of their most recent releases that celebrate the most compelling samples of graphic design in recent memory from two of our favorite foreign lands. Super Holland Design is a stunning compendium that delves into the work of Dutch designers such as Experimental Jetset and Sander Plug, amongst others, that have forced me to re-think the meaning of design through their use of new techniques and technologies. The second volume I am touting is ESC: Enter Spanish Creativity, which displays some of the finest graphic design talent to come out of (you guessed it) Spain, including works by Basedesign and Ipsum Planet. The primer explores the “visual seduction by new and experimental formulas” as “the defining concept of emergent Spanish Design”. I am certain both books will provide your design crazy mind with a compelling read as well as a feast for your eyes.

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Pound Magazine

Pound Magazine

What does the Great White North know about hip-hop culture? More than you probably know about curling. Their national sport. The one with the big rock and the ice…never mind. Pound is an intelligent hip-hop magazine straight outta Toronto, that combines the Source’s subject matter, Nylon’s sense of style, and the New Republic’s mission statement. Feature articles delve into the “real” state of B-Boy culture, from MCs to graffiti artists, all the while asking it’s readers to separate “honesty from authenticity,” as publisher Rodrigo Bascunan editor’s letter states. You can download the last issue on via PDF file. That’s what we’re talking aboot.

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When it comes to having a career art, I guess you could say James White always had stars in his eyes. The Halifax, Nova Scotia based mixed media artist and graphic designer has been playing around with pencils since the age of four. Since then he’s forged his own path, studying graphic design at the community college level and Interactive technology afterwards. Despite taking jobs in the website/ graphic design field, White has never stopped working on his unique brand of ‘retro-cosmic’ art. His stunning otherworldly creations, inspired by everything from Atari to Daft Punk certainly display a unique knack for expanding the viewer visual universe. If you’d like to set your sights further into White’s outer space, I recommend heading over to his website, Signalnoise and checking out some of his creations for yourself.

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Adam Kalkin – City Center Lofts

Adam Kalkin - City Center Lofts

There once was an old woman who lived in a shoe; unfortunately, it was extremely impractical in that it wasn’t very spacious and always smelled of feet. I think she would’ve been much more at home in the U.S.’s first Mid-rise container building, slated to be finished by March 2009 in Salt Lake City. The project, City Center Lofts, designed by container architecture expert Adam Kalkin, is considered eco-friendly thanks to it being constructed from 50% recycled content. Not only is this eight-unit super-condo located to plenty of Downtown SLC amenities, but is has a few added features of it’s own such as on demand water heaters, a green roof, tons of natural light and ventilation, and high performance windows. Did I mention the ground level will house an art gallery. Sounds like paradise on earth, minus the swimming pool. Now, I wonder if the folks who move in get first dibs on displaying their art in the gallery?

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Shine A Light

Shine A Light 

Martin Scorsese’s Rolling Stones live epic feature, Shine A Light is released this week.  16 painstakingly choreographed cameras covered this performance by one the worlds most enduring icons.  The result is impressive to say the least.  Look out for cameo appearances by Jack White and Buddy Guy.

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