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Piece Of Mind Graffiti Documentary

Evan Romoff and Keegan Gibbs have directed this great film Piece of Mind, an epic documentary that dives into the world of graffiti and the fight between the artist and law. “Focusing on Southern California’s “war on graffiti,” Piece of Mind is a timely examination of what society considers art, and why graffiti has moved beyond old standards of traditional artistic expression.” Take a look at the trailor of this great film that will debut at LAUFF (Los Angeles United Film Festival) this Sunday, April 20th so make sure you don’t miss it.

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DLO VentMount iPhone Car Holder Is Practical, Convenient

Using a car’s AC vents to hold cellphones is an old idea. Using a car’s AC vent to hold an iPhone so you can watch movies/Cover Flow your way through your music is a new idea. DLO’s VentMount seems like an incredibly practical way to keep your iPhone/iPod Touch within short reach, especially in cars that don’t have a convenient cupholder location to shove it into.


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New Huck Magazine ‘sustain’ Issue Features Jack Johnson

Huck magazine’s Sustain issue is out now, featuring an exclusive interview with Jack Johnson.

Huck Magazine

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Iron Man Trailer To Be Extended Into Full Feature, Sources Say

iron man

Sources at ONN are reporting that the ultra-popular Iron Man Trailer – which already has had a sequel – may become a full-length film at “one point in the future.” The rumor is supported by some leaked evidence, which includes still pictures as well as other clips.

Via: ONN

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LEGO Castle Giant Chess Set


Lego personifications are nothing new and neither are the varieties of Chess sets that I have come across in the past. But marry the two ideas and you have the LEGO Castle Giant Chess Set, which is simply astounding. You can pre-order the 2,481-piece (576 of which are the individual shiny block tops on the playfield) set now, and it ships July 1st. If dungeons, evil witches, trolls, dwarfs, knights, kings, are your style, then get ready this exquisite indulgence.

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Tamara Kostianovsky: Actus Reus

Actus Reus” is the debut solo exhibition of Tamara Kostianovsky, an Israeli artist raised in Argentina and currently living in Brooklyn. The show consists of life-sized animal carcasses painstakingly reconstructed using second-hand clothing, which are all former pieces from the artist’s actual wardrobe. The patchwork constructions adopt a remarkably grotesque quality, hanging from meat hooks in an antiseptic gallery space. The exhibition’s Latin title translates roughly to “guilty act,” which is a term used in court cases to signify criminal liability. This, coupled with the uncompromising appearance, effectively casts a harsh judgment on one of the more gruesome aspects of our animal-centric food service economy. (Click on the images for more detail.)

The exhibition builds on Kostianovsky’s past work with corporeal elements. (Previously she made portraits and maps using the her own hair.) “Actus Reus” is also the second installment in a three-part series at Black and White Gallery in Chelsea. Dubbed “The Proper Animal,” it features three successive solo exhibitions (by Kostianovsky along with Asja Jung and Julian Montague) that incorporate animal iconography to make ethical statements on human-animal interplay.

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iPhone Gets VoIP And Chat Options Thanks To Fring


Sure, the iPhone is cool looking, works out a lot, and is really good at math… but it can’t do VoIP, can it? Well, yes it can — and you can, thanks to a company called Fring and a piece of ingenious software (for jailbreakers only). Using the native app, it’s now possible to place and receive calls via your WiFi connection, thus making AT&T CEOs cry like little babies. Besides doing Skype and the like, the app also lets you connect for chats via MSN Messenger, ICQ, GTalk, SIP, Twitter, AIM, and Yahoo!, which should make this an attractive package even if you don’t want to harness the raw power of IP telephony. You can get the application for free by loading up Installer with the company’s repo.

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Evil Google Competitor Cuill


The stealth search company Cuill is not stealthy about the $25mm it just took in from lead Madrone and others. Will we see a Google compeitor soon? I sure hope so!

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Banksy’s Biggest Piece Yet

Banksy is undoubtly one of the most talked about graffiti artist of today, where his work is seen around the globe in some of the most unexpected locations. His stencil work often carries an alternative message that tweaks the ideologies of the modern society. Just last week we saw some of his work appear in London and it seems as though he has been busy at work once again and has created what appears to be one of his biggest piece of art yet.

“The secretive graffiti artist managed to erect three storeys of scaffolding behind a security fence despite being watched by a CCTV camera.Then, during darkness and hidden behind a sheet of polythene, he painted this comment on ‘Big Brother’ society. ” – Daily Mail (UK)

The message displayed in white paint was “One Nation Under CCTV”, ironically placed right next to a CCTV camera.
Under the message is a Stencil painted image of a young boy on a ladder painting the message while a Police officer is seen taking a photo from a distance with his dog on his side. This is not the first time we’ve seen Banksy’s work with reference to CCTVs, so maybe this message is one for us to think about.

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Judith Supine’s Dirt Mansion Exhibition

Judith Supine’s put on a storm for his latest exhibition entitled Dirt Mansion which opened last night, with all the work sold before the night.

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