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Kindle Now In-Stock

  If you missed the brief five hour window of in-stock availability when Jeff Bezos’ hideous, easily stained but decidedly feature-rich e-book reader was first announced, rush quickly over to Amazon, where the Kindle is now available and in-stock.

Oh, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s like witnessing some wildly improbable and magnificently singular event, like a galactic syzygy or the exact moment in which a cluster of hot core gasses spontaneously forms a planet populated entirely by nubile virgins with a penchant for tickle fights.

I guess this means that Amazon’s finally got its Kindle stock problems fixed. Either that, or they decided they’d gotten as much buzz as they were possibly going to get out of the Kindle being perpetually “out of stock.”

Kindle’s In Stock


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Plastic Bags That Self Destruct In Four Months

Researchers working at Missouri University of Science and Technology are working on developing hybrid plastics that would biodegrade in landfills within four months. Polylactic acid is polyester derived from cornstarch that decomposes and mineralizes into water and carbon dioxide when composted. It’s already being used in some brands of compostable “plastic” bags. The team is working to blend the acid with other bio- and oil-based polymers to find the right kinds of resins for commercial use.

They’re also looking at re purposing waste materials resulting from biodiesel refinement—anything that can be culled from renewable sources. Whether this is, a long-term solution remains to be seen.

Via: PopSci

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Real Skateboards The Repeaters Series

Due to popular demand the good people of Real Skateboards have decided to re-release the original oval deck although each artist has added something a little different. At first look the decks seem to replicate the first release although at second glance you can see some adjustments, have a look at Keith Hufnagel’s for example and you can see the Huf quake print. Expect to see these release in the near future.

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Sanyo Xacti DMX-CA8 Water-Proof To 10 Feet, One Third Of The Flip Video Ultra underwater Housing




Sanyo has announced another low-end Xacti, the DMX-CA8, a companion to the new CG9. It’s still a VGA camera, something for which many people are dinging it, but it does manage to at least do 60FPS. And as my experience with my CG6 has shown, for quick turnarounds to the web, VGA is still just fine.

But what makes the DMX-CA8 noteworthy isn’t its video quality, but its ability to be used underwater up to 10 feet for up to an hour. (Don’t let the time restriction trip you up; most underwater gear has the same sort of caveats from the manufacturers who like to play it safe.) Sanyo’s current underwater model, the Xacti VPC-E1, is rated for depths of just five feet for 30 minutes.

Akihabara News got a hands-on with the DMX-CA8, although like the CG9 there’s not a whole lot to it…

Via: The All New Sanyo DMX-CA8 Waterproof

Gadi, check it out, it might be useful for you.

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Microsoft Adds Twist To Handhelds With Force-Sensing Technology



Surely you’re not content with just multi-touch and built-in accelerometers, right? Microsoft Research is expecting not, as it’s already working towards integrating force-sensing technology that will enable gestures to twist on-screen imagery without crafting UMPCs out of flexible material. Essentially, the gurus behind the idea feel that implementing said tech would “turn an otherwise passive component that just holds the device together into an active input surface.” In the future, it’s likely that auditory cues would enable users to know when they’ve applied enough pressure to cause a change, and of course, they expect it to work hand-in-hand with existing human-computer interfaces. Yeah, who needs keypads these days, anyway?

Via: BBC

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Asus Eee PC 900 Hits U.S. May 12 For $549




I have heard that Asus’s bigger, badder Eee PC would be getting an early launch next month in Asia but it looks like the US won’t have to wait very long either. Crave’s Asus sources are telling them it’ll launch stateside on May 12 for $549. That’s definitely a bit more than the long-rumored $500 pricepoint. Is it worth it?

You’re getting a pretty significant spec and comfort upgrade for the money—but breaking the $500 mark pushes it past super cheap, and very possibly out of the category that the original Eee helped to create. So, $550. You guys still interested, or too much?

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Dan Colen & Nate Lowmann At Maccarone Gallery




Downtown art stars DAN COLEN & NATE LOWMAN unveiled their eye-popping collaborative slacker deconstructionist extravaganza of an art exhibition, “Wet Pain” late last month at the prestigious MACCARONE GALLERY and for better or worse, it stands as a testament to the state of the burgeoning downtown art scene as it looks today. Loaded with heavy doses of young male angst and de rigueur dirtied up found object installations—including funky found T-shirts, car rims, advertising imagery and sex toys—alongside more formal graphic works, the exhibition is a less dire installation than Colen’s recent shredded phone book & graffiti construction at Deitch Projects but a distinctly ephemeral assemblage nonetheless. The bit of unexplained “Odd Couple”-esque dramatic narrative reproduced below that served as the show’s manifesto only adds to the mystique for the headscratchers in the crowd.

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Churchill Sunset Painting May Fetch $600,000




Sunset over the Atlas Mountains,” a circa 1935 oil painting by Winston Churchill is all set to go under hammer during Bonhams New York auction in 23 April. This is one painting that Winston adored so much that he invited President Franklin D. Roosevelt to see it even after years later. This vivacious countryside depicting Churchill’s balcony at the Mamounia Hotel in Marrakech is anticipated to fetch $600,000. Churchill invited Roosevelt to travel with him to Marrakech after a conference in Casablanca in 1943 so he could experience the beutiful view for himself.


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