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Kindle Now In-Stock

  If you missed the brief five hour window of in-stock availability when Jeff Bezos’ hideous, easily stained but decidedly feature-rich e-book reader was first announced, rush quickly over to Amazon, where the Kindle is now available and in-stock.

Oh, it’s beautiful, isn’t it? It’s like witnessing some wildly improbable and magnificently singular event, like a galactic syzygy or the exact moment in which a cluster of hot core gasses spontaneously forms a planet populated entirely by nubile virgins with a penchant for tickle fights.

I guess this means that Amazon’s finally got its Kindle stock problems fixed. Either that, or they decided they’d gotten as much buzz as they were possibly going to get out of the Kindle being perpetually “out of stock.”

Kindle’s In Stock


April 21, 2008 - Posted by | Books and Magazines, Design, electronics, Geeks, News, raw art gallery, Technology, Uncategorized | ,

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    Comment by Jame | May 11, 2008 | Reply

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