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Wikipedia Moves To Bookshelves

Bertelsmann AG announced plans to release a single-volume, printed and bound version of the online encyclopedia, Wikipedia, in September. It’s already out of date…


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The Urbane Jungle. Zoo York Skateboards.

Zoo York asked Mark Owens and Matt Owens to develop a line of six skateboards for their artist series. The six boards represent the socio-cultural realms of Literature, Architecture, The Arts, Transit, Food and Tourism. Together the series encompasses New York’s “Urbane Jungle.”

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Steve Powers Takes Dublin

Famed street artist Steve Powers leaves his imprint on the Dublin landscape with his recent artistic piece. The piece can be seen on a side of a Dublin building, where Steve Powers draws two homely pigeons with the words “Anywhere is Paradise with you” sprawled up on top with “Paradise” drawn in big bold red lettering like a neon sign. What the piece actually means is obviously going to be left up to the viewers, but whatever it means you street art junkies can enjoy the sight while it last.

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First Ever Oil Paintings Found In Afghanistan

“Scientists have found what they described this week as the earliest oil paintings ever discovered in Kabul, Afghanistan CNN have reported. Afghan murals show oil painting was going on for centuries earlier in Asia than Europe. Murals found on cave walls in Afghanistan prove that painting with oil had been going on in Asia for centuries before artists used the technique in Europe, scientists said this week. Until now, art historians believed that oil painting started in Europe in the 15th century. Scientists found the murals in a network of caves where monks lived and prayed in the Afghan region of Bamiyan, according to a statement on the Web site of the European Synchrotron Radiation Facility, where the ancient paintings were analyzed…” Continue this fascinating read at CNN.

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Burton 2009 Collection Preview

Burton’s first annual showcase of its’ entire family of brands, opened it’s doors last week to Press. Showcasing their 2009 collection of surf, skate, and snow brands all under one roof, the showroom was showed each brand in full display.

An array of snow goggles, helmet protection, hard goods and outwear fashion were wall to wall, including brands such as R.E.D, Gravis, Anon, Analog, Channel Islands, Alien Workshop and Habitat. 

Some impressive all over patterns for outwear came in everything from forestry to a block prints to neon, in addition to a Staple Designs collaboration with Analog was amongst Burton’s childrenwear gave the kids something sweet. Gravis proved they are on trend with their mix of neon stripes and stars and Gravis’ travel gear included this bright yellow range as well as a collaboration with one of our favourite West Coast streetwear brands (to be revealed at this July’s Bread and Butter).

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Joshua Liner Gallery Opening

Joshua Liner’s Gallery recently opened in New Yorks Chelsea district with an impressive exhibition featuring names that run of your tongue including Kenji Hirata, Aiko Nakagawa, Futura, Shawn Barber, Mark Dean Veca, Crash One, Ron English, Josh Keyes, Greg Simkins, Stash to name a few.  

Get a taste of the work on hand below and get over to SuperTouch for the entire story.

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Keith Haring’s Houston Street And Bowery Mural

The Keith Haring Foundation together with Deitch Projects and Goldman Properties have recreated the famous Houston Street and Bowery mural. Gothic Scenic is reproducing the mural using extensive photographic documentation of the artwork of the legendary artist which appeared in the Summer of 1982. With the Keith Haring Foundation devoted to maintaing and protecting the Keith Haring’s legacy, art and ideals this mural will surely endure some fond memories for many who enjoyed the art scene of the early 80’s. The unveiling of the piece is set for May 4 in honor of Keith’s 50th Birthday and will stand until New Years Eve which is far beyond the few months the original stood for.

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Nintendo To Increase Wii Production To 2.4 Million A Month

According to some intel gathered, rumor has it that Nintendo is ramping up Wii production to 2.4 million units/month (compared to the 1.8 million units/month currently produced). It’s a number that should allow Nintendo to sell more of their popular console while balancing the big Re-shhhhhh that’s going on in America at the moment.

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