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Warhol: Larger Than Life – to Open at The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria

Credited as one of the major artistic innovators of the 20th century, Warhol’s fame spread well beyond painting and printmaking. Filmmaker, sculptor, author, collector, publisher, provocateur, music producer, celebrity—Warhol understood and negotiated the ride of fame, a sophisticated arbiter and manipulator of popular culture and fashion.  On view May 30, 2008 to August 24, 2008.

Warhol: Larger than Life examines the entirety of the artist’s career. Its Larger than Life focus considers three main issues: the elevation of everyday subject matter to the sphere of “Fine Art,” the celebration of celebrities and their larger than life existences, and finally, the creation of Andy Warhol—his metamorphosis from Andrew Warhol, a sickly young boy from a poor neighbourhood in depression era Pittsburgh to the trendsetter of New York. Of interest to Canadian audiences, the exhibition also explores Warhol’s contact with this country, be it in terms of events, exhibitions, celebrities, or controversy.

Warhol: Larger than Life is an expansive project of over 150 paintings, drawings, prints, sculptures, photographs, archival ephemera and films spanning some four decades of production. Working directly with The Andy Warhol Museum in Pittsburgh, PA, the WAG enjoyed full access to its considerable collection of art and archives.

Visit The Art Gallery of Greater Victoria at : www.aggv.bc.ca/

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Museum of Contemporary Art features Jeff Koons: Major US Museum Survey

The contemporary artist and provocateur Jeff Koons is one of the most well known and intriguing artists of the 20th century. The seductive surfaces, luxurious scale and quality, and flawless execution of his works – many of which have become icons, such as Rabbit, Michael Jackson and Bubbles, and Puppy – transform everyday objects and fantasies into high art. After presenting the first survey of Koons’ work in 1988, the MCA is revisiting the work of this seminal figure in contemporary art, exploring his powerful influence on contemporary art and his significance for a new generation. The MCA exhibition Jeff Koons, on view May 31 to September 21, 2008, is his first major US museum survey in fifteen years and will only be presented in Chicago.

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Garmin Edge 705 GPS for bicycles reviewed (Verdict: fantastic voyages)

Over at Gadget Lab, Jackson Lynch keys a glowing review for the new Garmin Edge 705 GPS unit designed for bicycles. The Edge doesn’t just do directions, but also a whole suite of performance metrics and social sharing (back at your PC, of course).

Over the course of a couple weeks I’ve put in more than 40 hours on the road and trail with the 705 and I found it to be incredibly accurate, even in close quarters with other bike-borne wireless electronics. It’s righted my course a few times and has become an invaluable training tool, enabling me to analyze ride and race data over a couple months and realize marked improvements. At the end of the ride, the Garmin Edge 705 seems to be the Holy Grail for cycling enthusiasts. It tells you where you are, points the way to a destination, gets you home and provides every bit of data you need to become a fitter cyclists — if that’s your thing.

That’s enough to make me want to ride my bike to the liquor store.

Review: Garmin Edge 705 GPS Offers Maps and Metrics for Data-Happy Cyclists

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Roberto Ricci’s radical longboard concept set to make a splash

Merging the performance of a freeride board with the easy functionality of a beginner board, the 2008 RRD Longrider created by Roberto Ricci is a brand new longboard concept that can potentially revolutionize the sport of windsurfing. The versatile board is adaptable to any kind of windsurfing by quickly adapting itself into a beginner’s board, a retro-styled wave board, or even a fun board for the whole family thanks to the distinctive step tail that allows the Longboard to perform optimally in all planing and non-planing conditions. Since the double rocker section of the step tail reduces the wet surface during planing while its ‘Malibu style’ nose features a soft, full EVA deck that can easily carry a small child or a furry companion. In non-planing conditions, the long algeier daggerboard allows maximum stability in upwind conditions while multiple foot strap positions allow both advanced riders as well as beginners to manipulate and control the board perfectly.

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Firefox logo spotted on ground too!

With all the ingredients of a sci-fi thriller, the Firefox logo-spotting is getting foxier by the day. In a Star Trek-kind of situation, the logo was spotted in deep space, and now in Signs-like situation, the “ominous design” is spotted on a field. Firefox over IE has been a constant debate, but such sightings should not be taken lightly. I think Spielberg would be free now that Indy is out…maybe I have a story for him.

Via: SlipperyBrick

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The Bridge II iPod/iPhone dock from Harman Kardon

After a successful stint with The Bridge, Harman Kardon is ready to offer us The Bridge II. The dock can house your iPhone as well as iPod and offers audio / video playback through your home entertainment system as well as on-screen iPod menus, remote control operation and charging. It will be available this summer. You can also find it bundled in with the AVR 354 receiver.

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EGM Green Poker Table Eco-friendly

When you associate the word green with poker, it is most likely that you will imagine a poker table drenched in green shade or the green felt cloth on the table or may be even the green bills that you loose or win after trying your luck at it. But in today’s day and age, Green (read eco-friendly) is the mantra successful business. Since people worldwide are more conscious and want to do their bit to save our planet, here’s a green chance for poker players too. You can now shuffle your chips on the world’s first environmentally “Green” Poker Table. All set to show its true colors at World Series of Poker, scheduled from today onwards, it will be honored to the winner of the 2008 WSOP Main Event. Bundles of green cash on a Green table…..sounds pleasing.
Manufactured by New Jersey-based EGM Green, it is made from 98% sustainable materials. Like the legs are constructed of FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) hardwood veneer core plywood, while the substrate is of Urea Formaldahyde Free MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board). Other components are like wood armrest and track are also FSC certified. All paints and stains used in the table are formaldehyde free.

Featuring the “Rebonded Foam”, that is recycled bits and scraps of foam; you can opt for 100% wool table felt material or any other material of your choice. You also have an option for a bit of more luxury with features like wood footrings, padded armrest rings, dealer accessories,15 standard wood finishes, custom finishes and eco-friendly casino-grade poker supplies.

Applying sustainable design principles to poker tables can significantly reduce volumes of waste and decrease use of natural resources. Aimed at reducing its impact on our ecosystem, this table also manages to reduce the load on our pockets too…

Pablo, what do you say?

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Kontrol Imperial Rollers – AT-AT Skateboard Wheels

Check out these Imperial Rollers from Kontrol feature a pattern of tiny AT-AT silhouettes, $27.99 from ActionVillage.com for a set of 4.

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Tim Biskup’s “The Artist In You” Exhibition

Tim Biskup who is a personal favourite of mine recently unveiled an impressive array of new works at Jonathan Levine Gallery. The exhibition entitled “The Artist In You” saw “Biskup revealed a new series of heavily cubist-inspired works reflecting his new, minimal aesthetic direction and released a new book of ponderings/vitriolic rants on the state of the art world that gave the show its name”. Get a glimpse of the works below and head over to SuperTouch for the whole story.

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Guggenheim Museum Bilbao Hosts Juan Muñoz Retrospective

In 1984, Juan Muñoz’s (b. 1953, Madrid; d. 2001) first solo exhibition, held in his home city of Madrid, featured a small winding staircase topped with a balcony, resting against a wall. Muñoz said that this work was “the first piece I recall with which I had a certain feeling of identity.” This architectural motif would recur throughout the artist’s career and now more than two decades later, this sculpture is part of the most important international retrospective of Muñoz’s work, an exhibition of more than 80 works including sculptures, installations, drawings, radio plays, and writings, some never before seen on view at The Guggenheim Museum Bilbao.

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