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Squirt Files Between iPods With miShare

If the Zune ever had a killer feature, it was its ability to squirt an audio file from one Zune to another effortlessly. Unfortunately, it was a killer feature utterly squandered by the addition of DRM. Enter miShare, a less elegant $99 solution for iPods, allowing you to easily squirt a song from one iPod to another.

The miShare is a dongle with two dock connectors: you simply select the iPods to the donor and receiver ports, select the song you want to transfer on the donor iPod, push a button and it squirts onto the other iPod. Even neater: you can exchange DRM-encrypted files, which will simply sit on your iPod’s disk area, unlockable with your iTunes password when you hook your iPod up to your computer.

The big Achilles heel here is transfer speed: miShare can transfern songs at about 500kb/s, which is slow enough to make transferring the entire contents of a 160GB iPod collection completely impractical. However, it is fast enough to transfer a few tracks in a minute, which seems like a good compromise between the conscionable and convenient.

MiShare  via: BoingBoing


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