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Dear Yahoo: You’re Fired! Will The Microsoft Yahoo Deal Become A Reality Now?

As expected, Carl Icahn presented an alternate slate of directors for the upcoming Yahoo shareholder meeting. The letter to Yahoo Chairman Roy Bostock says it all:

Read on via Techcrunch

As JRO sums up the entire soap opera with quick, witty phrases:

MS: Hey Yahoo, how about you guys join forces with us?
Yahoo: Never!

Google: Hey Yahoo, what if we greased your wheels a little? Just enough to get those pesky shareholders off your back?
Yahoo: Great idea!

MS: Ok, we’ll kick in a little more. How about now?
Yahoo: No way!
MS: Ok, thanks for nothing.

Yahoo: OK Google, about that ad deal…..
Google: Ummm, yeahh, we’ll get back to you on that.

Icahn: Hey Yahoo, big shareholder here and I AM PISSED. We need to fix this deal with MS, and fast. And I’m not ASKING. As Jack said in A Few Good Men, “You f****d with the wrong marine!”

Now that’s a perfect sum up.



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