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Motion-Pro II Racing Simulator Blows Minds

Check out this cool hand-made racing simulator, individually-configured, and probably mindblowingly-expensive Motion Pro II by CXC Simulations , with three 46-inch 1080p LCD displays, 505-watt 5.1 surround sound system—1,010 watts peak power—synchronized with four vibration transducers, and full motion simulation using electro-mechanical actuators to move your seat. And the tech-porn spec list doesn’t stop there.

The combination of the actuators and the sound system vibration transducers are supposed to get you really close to actual racing simulation—minus the G-forces and the spinal cord injuries—but you can add even more details as an option, like a six-speed gated shifter and progressive clutch upgrade—just like the real thing, or a sequential shifter, handbrake, a full carbon fiber external, with high-gloss finish custom paint. The thing even supports networking playing with optional radio kits to taunt opponents from all over the world.

Via: CXC Simulations


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  1. using surround sound on your sound system and home theater is great, the sound are very realistic “

    Comment by Shaving Brushes : | October 30, 2010 | Reply

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