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Manolo Valdés Presents 17 Unique Sculptures For The Streets Of Barcelona

The voluptuous maids of honor made by painter and sculptor Manolo Valdes march along the center of the city of Barcelona. This is because art has again taken to the streets, and art chooses the best streets to show itself. The Rambla de Catalunya in the Catalonian capital exhibits some of the best sculptures made by the founder of Equipo Crónica. Seventeen sculptures wait for whoever desires to see them, or touch them with out previous consent. The exhibit will be there until June 15.

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Major Hong Kong International Arts and Antiques Fair In October ’08

The Hong Kong International Arts and Antiques Fair (HKIAAF 08), to be staged from 4 to 7 October 2008 at the Hong Kong Convention and Exhibition Centre, will mark a new milestone in the exciting and robust Hong Kong art scene. With a unique combination of both antiques and contemporary art, this is the first art fair in Hong Kong in more than a decade showcasing a wide range of collecting categories spanning from the Neolithic period through to the present day.

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Oscar Pistorius Double Amputee Sprinter Cleared For Olympic Competition

It’s about time. After an excruciating and absurd debate, double-amputee sprinter Oscar Pistorius will be allowed to compete in the Olympics. Pistorius won his appeal to the Court of Arbitration for Sport today which immediately overturned an asinine ruling by the International Association of Athletics Federations which stated Pistorius gained an unfair advantage from his prosthetics.

“I am ecstatic,” Pistorius told reporters in Milan, Italy. “When I found out, I cried. It is a battle that has been going on for far too long. It’s a great day for sport. I think this day is going to go down in history for the equality of disabled people.”

Two days of testing in January at the German Sport University’s Institute of Biomechanics at Cologne yielded data showing that to run at a given speed, Pistorius required 25% less energy expenditure than his able bodied peers. It further quantified Pistorius’s prostheses as 30% more efficient than a human ankle. The panel wasn’t convinced.

“The panel was not persuaded that there was sufficient evidence of any metabolic advantage in favor of a double-amputee using the Cheetah Flex-Foot,” CAS said. “Furthermore, the CAS panel has considered that the IAAF did not prove that the biomechanical effects of using this particular prosthetic device gives Oscar Pistorius an advantage over other athletes not using the device.”

Whether the panel went conveniently blind to the science or whether holes truly exist in the analysis is irrelevant. What could less represent the Olympic spirit more than banning Pistorious?

Unfortunately for Pistorius, his toughest challenge might still be ahead. He’ll need to cut 1.01 seconds of his personal best of 46.56 to qualify for the 400-meter race in Beijing. Should he not hit that mark, South Africa could select him to the relay squad or as an alternate.

“A lot of the time we’ve had this year we’ve devoted to the court case,” Pistorius said. “Now when I get home, my time can be dedicated to training. I am going to have to start thinking about getting my body in shape in order to run those (qualifying) times. I am hopeful there will be enough time but it is going to be very difficult.

Ironically, in the midst of this worldwide hullabaloo, another amputee has quietly qualified for the Olympics in 10-km swimming. Fellow South African Natalie Du Toit lost her leg in 2001 and competes without a prosthetic which begs a sad but necessary question.:How long until some governing body requires testing to quantify whether her reduction in drag is unfair? We’re the last people to admit, but it’s true: Sometimes the science shouldn’t matter.

Via AP

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Horace Cheng Iron Man Lego Hard Suit

Horace Cheng and his Iron Man Lego hard suit.

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Gugick’s Lego Taj Mahal Makes It To The Movies

The skilled landmark modeler Arthur Gugick’s recent landmark lego sculpture is made for a special purpose; it is a commissioned piece for an Australian movie called Taj (more details on MOCpages). Here’s an interesting fact: the model was constructed to be purposely damaged in the movie, and specilized fracture-points were incorporated so the model would break apart into about 40 pieces when it gets tipped over in one of the scenes.

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Surf Stronger Releases Core Training With Serena Brooke

Golden Coast Productions, Inc. Announces “We are excited to release our second video, Surf Stronger–Core Training with Serena Brooke. This video is awesome for surfers who want to improve their surf fitness.

This straight-forward, easy-to-follow program requires just one piece of equipment: an exercise ball. It is a well-designed workout to compliment your regular surfing routine or any other workout program,” said Golden Coast Productions, Inc. President Todd Walsh.

“I’m really stoked to work with the Surf Stronger team and help create this video. I have trained my whole life and core training has been key to my fitness and my surfing,” said veteran pro surfer Serena Brooke. “Surfers are now realizing the benefit of core training and this video workout is the perfect core training tool for surfers.”

“Just as surfing performance has evolved, so has surf-specific training. With new and specialized training methods, we can now create workouts that translate to better in-the-water performance. Our training videos reflect this evolution,” says Surf Stronger Program Director Scott Adams, CSCS.

Video includes:

* Pre-surf warm up routine that focuses on building dynamic flexibility with surf-specific movements. Perfect before you work out and before you surf. (7 minutes.)

* Main core workout. Functional movements for the core that look and feel like surfing. Build stability, strength, and endurance in your core. (28 minutes.)

* Quick core workout. A fast-paced, time-efficient workout that you can do anywhere. (10 minutes.)

* Original soundtrack by the Surf Stronger House Band (Featuring Steve Adams, Tim Bluhm, Jackie Greene, Dan Lebowitz, and Adam Topol) plus music by The Mother Hips, Matt Butler, The Court & Spark, and Vinyl.

* DVD extras.

The DVD packaging is printed on 100% recycled materials. At just $29.95, this is one of the best values in surfing.


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Point Break Gets A Sequel With Jan de Bont!

Oh no, look what Hot Fuzz has done! Realistically, I wouldn’t say Hot Fuzz actually had an effect on this decision, but yes, Point Break is getting a sequel some 17 years after the original. Just incase you really don’t know what it’s about, the film stars Keanu Reeves as an FBI agent who is casing a gang of surfer bank robbers. Jan de Bont, of Speed and Twister, has been signed to direct the sequel now titled Point Break: Indo. The original screenwriter, W. Peter Iliff, is also back on this as well. No plot details have been officially revealed, but the film takes place 20 years after the disappearance of the surfer Bodhi, played by Patrick Swayze in the original.

Point Break: Indo will shoot soon in Singapore and Southeast Asia. I’ve got ot ask – is a Point Break sequel really necessary? I have nothing against Jan de Bont – if anything, he’s probably one of the better action directors out there, although he hasn’t really done anything since the Lara Croft Tomb Raider sequel in 2003. I’m hoping this isn’t going to be an insanely cheesy update full of ridiculous action scenes just for the hell of it. Or maybe that’s what would make this sequel kick as much ass as the original! The one thing that it does need or else it’s guranteed to suck – Keanu Reeves!

Update: Apparently IESB actually has the plot synopsis. When Billy Dalton, military special ops and star surfer, is disqualified from the pro-surfing tour, he takes off for the coast of Bali looking for the perfect wave. While there he’s recruited by a private security force who are trying to find a gang known as The Bush Administration, surfing outlaws and modern day pirates who work like “The Ex-Presidents,” a bank robbing crew from Malibu twenty years ago.

What do you make of that? Box office gold here folks?

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Lervik Design Light Tree

This Light Tree from Lervik Design seems to date back a couple of years now, but it’s new to me, and I can only assume others as well. The trees are actually constructed from a metal frame and each one is covered in over 2,000 meters of fiber optics. That equals about 1.2 miles of illuminated cable which makes the trees glow bright enough to be used as street lights. The use of fiber optics also means the light comes from a single source, so making the tree change colors is as easy as using a colored filter.

The Light Trees are available in different sizes ranging from about 60 inches up to 157 inches tall, and are safe for use either indoors or outside. Over the years they’ve been installed in high-end boutiques around the world, have toured with various design exhibits and can even be found at the prestigious Nasjonalmusem in Oslo, Norway. Needless to say if you have to ask about the price, they’re probably not in your budget.

[ Lervik Design Light Tree ]

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Israel Museum Presents Great Isaiah Scroll For the First Time in Over 40 Years

On the occasion of the 60th anniversary of the State of Israel, the Israel Museum presents two major sections of the Great Isaiah Scroll – the most complete biblical Dead Sea Scroll document ever found and one of the world’s greatest archaeological treasures – in a special installation in the Shrine of the Book. For the first time in over forty years, the public will have the rare opportunity to view the two longest sections of the Scroll, featuring Isaiah’s celebrated message of peace: “They shall beat their swords into plowshares…” (Isaiah 2:4). In order to illustrate this important message, artifacts from the days of the prophet Isaiah (8th century BCE), including a bent scimitar and agricultural tools, will be displayed together with the Scroll as part of this special exhibit. Swords into Plowshares: The Isaiah Scroll and Its Message of Peace will be on view in the Shrine of the Book at the Museum from May 19 through August 30, 2008.

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Gerry Hofstetter Renowned Swiss Artist Illuminates Washington National Cathedral

Swiss lighting artist Gerry Hofstetter projected images ranging from abstracts of the Cathedral’s stained glass windows to faces of people of all races onto Washington National Cathedral as a call for national and global unity in a project entitled “Lighting to Unite.” From sunset to midnight on three evenings, May 9-11, the Cathedral’s south and west sides were illuminated in celebration of the Cathedral’s centennial, illustrating its mission of reconciliation and spotlighting its role as a spiritual beacon for the nation.

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