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Wii Fit Review By a Formerly Fit Geek

I used to be very proud of my legs. I have slight knees and ankles. But the muscles around the bones were very strong. And in my early twenties, as a full time martial artist, I could kick very hard. My nose bled like a faucet, but I will say I could hold my own good and I was never so happy as at the end of a long day of training. Then things went sour, as they can. My friend who owned my boxing gym was mortally hurt outside of it in a fight with criminals, and a few months later I smashed my leg in a bad bike accident. I quit it all and my body has since been ravaged by the high tech lifestyle. I’m now incapable of jumping high or running fast. If my body was a gadget, I’d have thrown it out a long time ago. I think of all these things when I use the Wii Fit and grow a bit sad. But what’s positive is that for the first time in years, I’m excited to exercise. Wii fit is making me happier and healthier. (However retarded it is to exercise in front of a TV.) Keep on reading at Gizmodo


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