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Deus Ex Machina Wearable Motorcycle Concept

Art Center College of Design student Jake Loniak combined motorcycle technology with an exoskeleton form for what is essentially a wearable motorcycle. Named Deus Ex Machina and branded by Yamaha, it’s intended to serve as an extension of the body. Loniak found inspiration in Biomechatronics and used 36 pneumatic muscles, seven artificial vertebrae and two linear actuators to mimic human motion. He introduced the design earlier this month at an event on the school’s Pasadena, California campus.

The Deus Ex Machina remains in the concept stage, but it’s expected to go from zero to 60 in three seconds and achieve a top speed of 75mph. It has an incorporated helmet, but no storage space. The single motor is contained in the central wheel and, fortunate for the environment, runs off of nano-phosphate batteries similar to those in hybrid cars.

via Hell for Leather


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Blazing Samsung 256GB SSD Is the One We’ve Been Waiting For

This is the solid-state drive that we’ve been waiting for: a full 256GB, which Samsung says is “the world’s fastest and largest capacity 2.5-inch, MLC-based SSD with SATA II Interface.” Sick sequential read and sequential write speeds of 200 and 160 MBps, respectively, put it in the same speed range of more nimble single-level cell SSDs (single vs. multi-level). Available in Sept. with mass production starting by “year end”. Check it out being groped by a lady, along with the press release. More »

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Wannabe Supersonic Skydiver Foiled by Weather: Tomorrow Looks Good

Those of you who’ve hunted for news of crazy Frenchman Michel Fournier and his attempt on the skydiving height record (and the sound barrier) will be pleased to know that the jump is still on: just delayed by the weather. During his pre-jump oxygen breathing session this morning, the wind began to rise. Three weather balloon surveys showed the wind speed was too high to launch his main balloon. So, it looks like it’ll be happening tomorrow instead, and you’ll be pleased to know the forecast is excellent.

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10 Corso Como Comme Des Garcons 6th Anniversary Bearbrick

May the 29th will mark the 6th year anniversary of 10 Corso Como; which was originally created by Carla Sozzani in Milan for Rei Kawakubo’s Comme des Garçons. To celebrate this 6th anniversary they have again worked together with Japanese Toy company Medicom to create a 400% bearbrick that comes in a light pink color and features the same dot pattern as we have seen in the earlier versions. Along with the 400% Bearbrick will be a matching Tote Bag which will also be up for sale soon.

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‘Telectroscope’ Links New York And London


British artist Paul St George has recently created a telectroscope that connects New York and London together via a tunnel that allows people on either side to see each other in real-time. As he put it in his own words “Hardly anyone knows that a secret tunnel runs deep beneath the Atlantic Ocean.” He stated, “In May 2008, more than a century after it was begun, the tunnel has finally been completed. An extraordinary optical device called a Telectroscope has been installed at both ends which miraculously allows people to see right through the Earth from London to New York and vice versa.” The Teletroscope will remain at Fulton Ferry Landing in Brooklyn and an identical scope will sit on the other side at banks of the Thames in the shadow of Tower Bridge; this work of art is created by Artichoke, the same people that created “the Sultans’ Elephant ” that roamed the streets of London. I won’t provide any spoilers here, but believe it or not, it makes for a very interesting reading nonetheless, and this work of art will surely be talked about for many years to come. For more infomation about the teletroscope visit the related article on The New York Times here. Or for an insight into the ‘Teletroscope’ experience visit the related article from BBC here.

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Rossi and Rossi Exhibits Contemporary Visions of Changing Tibet and China

Rossi & Rossi Ltd, will continue their series of exhibitions of contemporary artists with two timely shows this Summer illustrating two men’s visions of their country.  The first exhibition is devoted to the work of the Tibetan painter Tsering Nyandak followed by the first London exhibition of works by the Chinese photographer Zhou Jun.  The Tsering Nyandak exhibition, The Lightness of Being  will take place in Rossi & Rossi’s gallery from 3 July to 1 August and Zhou Jun – Bird’s Nest Project, staged in association with the Red Gate Gallery, Beijing, will be on view from 7 to 29 August 2008.  The second show coincides with the staging of the 2008 Olympic Games and focuses on China’s preparation for this world event.

Rossi & Rossi

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