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EGM Green Poker Table Eco-friendly

When you associate the word green with poker, it is most likely that you will imagine a poker table drenched in green shade or the green felt cloth on the table or may be even the green bills that you loose or win after trying your luck at it. But in today’s day and age, Green (read eco-friendly) is the mantra successful business. Since people worldwide are more conscious and want to do their bit to save our planet, here’s a green chance for poker players too. You can now shuffle your chips on the world’s first environmentally “Green” Poker Table. All set to show its true colors at World Series of Poker, scheduled from today onwards, it will be honored to the winner of the 2008 WSOP Main Event. Bundles of green cash on a Green table…..sounds pleasing.
Manufactured by New Jersey-based EGM Green, it is made from 98% sustainable materials. Like the legs are constructed of FSC (Forestry Stewardship Council) hardwood veneer core plywood, while the substrate is of Urea Formaldahyde Free MDF (Medium Density Fiber Board). Other components are like wood armrest and track are also FSC certified. All paints and stains used in the table are formaldehyde free.

Featuring the “Rebonded Foam”, that is recycled bits and scraps of foam; you can opt for 100% wool table felt material or any other material of your choice. You also have an option for a bit of more luxury with features like wood footrings, padded armrest rings, dealer accessories,15 standard wood finishes, custom finishes and eco-friendly casino-grade poker supplies.

Applying sustainable design principles to poker tables can significantly reduce volumes of waste and decrease use of natural resources. Aimed at reducing its impact on our ecosystem, this table also manages to reduce the load on our pockets too…

Pablo, what do you say?


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