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Garmin Edge 705 GPS for bicycles reviewed (Verdict: fantastic voyages)

Over at Gadget Lab, Jackson Lynch keys a glowing review for the new Garmin Edge 705 GPS unit designed for bicycles. The Edge doesn’t just do directions, but also a whole suite of performance metrics and social sharing (back at your PC, of course).

Over the course of a couple weeks I’ve put in more than 40 hours on the road and trail with the 705 and I found it to be incredibly accurate, even in close quarters with other bike-borne wireless electronics. It’s righted my course a few times and has become an invaluable training tool, enabling me to analyze ride and race data over a couple months and realize marked improvements. At the end of the ride, the Garmin Edge 705 seems to be the Holy Grail for cycling enthusiasts. It tells you where you are, points the way to a destination, gets you home and provides every bit of data you need to become a fitter cyclists — if that’s your thing.

That’s enough to make me want to ride my bike to the liquor store.

Review: Garmin Edge 705 GPS Offers Maps and Metrics for Data-Happy Cyclists


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