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Street Art Invades The Tate…

Is Street Art becoming the British Invasion of the ‘00s?

Unlike a host of unmentionable urban art institutions that turn a blind eye to the burgeoning art movements erupting just outside their museum doors, London’s TATE MODERN is paying homage this month to the city’s most colorful and volatile movement through their inventively-named “Street Art” exhibition. With an eye for international talent, the museum has invited six artists with roots in graffiti including Brasil’s OS GEMEOS and NUNCA, France’s JR, Italy’s BLU, NYC’s FAILE, and Barcelona’s SIXEART to embellish the building’s massive facade and partake in a group exhibition that will remain on display until August 25th. Of course, the most obvious omission in this list is the town’s resident street art kingpin BANKSY, but we suspect the Golden Child is above such institutional fare. And just when it seemed like London would have to build more city walls to support the nonstop barrage of wheatpaste posters and graffiti besieging it, the show has inspired a legion of artists to step up their wallpapering efforts turning the surrounding neighborhoods into an outdoor museum.

Via: SuperTouch check out the additional images.


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