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LEGO Technic F-14 Tomcat by Jeroen Ottens

This F-14 helped get Jeroen a job as a LEGO Technic set designer. Indeed, the open framework and functionality are reminiscent of official sets, though the scale is off the charts.

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Italian Artist Killed in Turkey

The 33 year old Italian performance artist Giuseppina Pasqualino di Marineo (Pippa Bacca) was recently killed during her “Brides on Tour” project. The artist was hitchhiking through Turkey in a white wedding dress to promote peace in the Middle
East. 38 year old Turkish man Murat Karatas was arrested for the murder and sexual assault of the artist.

They would have no set timetable. They would require very little in the way of funding. They would make new friends everywhere. They would, in the largest sense, be free. When they arrived in Istanbul, Moro and Bacca were two weeks into their journey. They had already traveled by road through the Balkans; after Turkey, they were heading to Syria and Lebanon; their final destination, still weeks away, was Israel. There, they planned to stage an exhibition whose centerpiece would be the white gowns they had worn on the road, tattered and tattooed with the dust of the long journey. LA Times

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GenePak – DNA 11

Sure, your genetic code makes up the building blocks of who you are, why you’re balding, were never good at sports, and will probably die some time in your mid-forties … but beyond the science and premonitions of doom, what has deoxyribonucleic acid done for you lately? Has it provided bedroom wall art? If it hasn’t, you better take a look at DNA 11. The medical maestros who decoded our art appreciation gene with a personalized DNA portrait are now further customizing with their GenePak. Isolate specific traits, such as Sport, Brain, Love, Gender … or just frame your anal retentiveness or inability to finish anything, and hang it up for all to see. When you buy your very own visual representation of your genes at DNA11’s Website you can honestly say that you have a personal portrait in your home.

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Griffin WindowSeat Holds Your iPhone/iPod Touch at Eye Level For Convenient Viewing

This Griffin WindowSeat is a suction cup-based iPhone/iPod Touch mount for your car, allowing you to keep your phone at eye level for easy map viewing and voicemail checking. What’s left unsaid is how sturdy this thing is in case of an accident, and whether it will come careening off your window or dashboard into your face to make a comically iPhone-ish indentation on your cheek. 

[Griffin via PCWorld]

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