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Tom Friedman – Monsters and Stuff Exhibition

The title of Tom Friedman’s latest exhibition is so perfect, Monsters and Stuff. Without even seeing one piece of artwork you want to see it right? We did. Monsters and Stuff is a collection of landscape sculptures, small drawings and monster-size paper collages. These materials create things like Monster Fly depicting a man being chased by a fly twice his size. The exhibition is up at Gagosian Gallery till the 25th of July. If you can make it to London, you’ll probably end up at King’s Cross some point during your stay, the gallery is right near by, check it out.


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Madeline Valentine Illustrations

Madeline Valentine creates the most haunting illustrations. What makes the Brooklyn artist’s work so amazing is the juxtaposition of her soft, dreamlike aesthetic with the thoroughly intense subject matter that she employs—a contrast that could easily come off as contrived if not executed so beautifully.

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Daniel Johnston Solo Exhibition In Milan

Daniel Johnston’s first solo show is set to take Milan by storm at Antonio Colombo Arte Contemporanea during the Traffic Free Festival. The artist responsible for such character Jeremiah the Frog, Sassy Fras the Cat,Polka Dot Underwear Guy amongst many other weird creatures originated by the “bizarre imagination of Daniel Johnston, naive genius of the underground scene.” Daniel Johnston’s musical talent is most well known, defined by lyrics that are tender and bitter at the same time Daniel has always been a fervent illustrator too. Look out for the exhibition to begin in July as this is one not to miss.

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Russell Maurice Works on Paper

The fascinating work of artist Russell Maurice is set to launch a great exhibition of ‘Works on Paper’ on June 19. Maurice’s work is very intruiguing usually incorperating photo’s to over embalish a situation and create something of pure interest. Make sure you check out the exhibition when it opens in London and take a look at his website for some well worth viewing.

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Michael Sieben and Cody Hudson Exhibitions at FIFTY24SF

The highly anticipated shows of Michael Sieben and Cody Hudson entitled Heroes for Ghosts andThe highly Save My Life respectively opened last night at Upper Playground’s FIFTY24SF Gallery, fulfilling all expectations created around these two prolific artists.

“Sieben explores the compromises we make when transitioning from childhood into adulthood in Heroes for Ghosts. In his signature technique, a blend of children’s book illustration and skateboarding graphic design, Sieben created a series of parables that are familiar and unsettling at the same time.

Hudson’s work centers on the theme of the human condition, exploring the concepts of both euphoria and impending doom. Save My Life highlights new paintings on wood panels, framed drawings, and unique sculptural installations that Hudson created utilizing materials collected in San Francisco in the days preceding yesterday’s opening.”
Get over to Juxtapoz for the whole story.

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Spray Can Graffiti controller for Wii

As part of his final thesis German student, Martin Lihs, has built the Wiispray. A Graffiti tool for Nintendo’s ever increasing spectrum of games and functions for its Wii console. I’m certainly not much of a gamer, but this looks like it could be my first game, if the prototype comes to fruition.

Info: Boing Boing, where you can find more info.

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Supreme And Sean Cliver

Supreme who we all know to well and have had a strong threshold on the scene since their early days with their skateboarding roots. The list of names Supreme have worked with are like an A to Z of the most famed artist’s around and this latest project with the author of the skateboarding book Disposable, Sean Cliver has reflected in his work with the culmination of two tees and two decks. The work provides some insane cartoon artwork which will suely be another saught after release from Supreme.

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DELTA Exhibition At Elms Lesters

One of the pioneers of the European graffiti movement, in 1984, when he made his tag DELTA for the first time. His work shows the hallmark of his time at the Faculty of Industrial Design at the Technical University Delft, from where he graduated with a degree in Industrial Design Engineering in 1994. Delta’s fine art paintings and sculptures have recently been exhibitied in Singapore, Malaysia, London and Italy. He has also produced work for musicians such as Linkin Park, Dj Vadim (Ninja Tune), Rima project on Jazzanova Compost Records, Dub Records and Alex Cortez. he first UK solo show by Dutch master opens to the public today at the Elms Lesters Painting Rooms. A truly breathtaking exhibition, spanning two floors of this historic building, the exhibits include paintings on canvas, large 3D constructivist wall sculptures, exquisite collages as well as a video installation. The exhibition runs until 28th June 2008 at Elms Lesters in London so be sure to catch it if in the area.

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