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Nano Paper Stronger Than Cast Iron

What good is Nano paper you ask? It may as well become the paper of the future, because its fibers are so strong that it can hold umpteen amounts of groceries without a single tear. Said to tougher than cast iron, nanopaper is made from nanosized whiskers of cellulose. Lars Berglund and his colleagues have developed the paper and have made it by keeping the cellulose fibers small. This was achieved by breaking down wood pulp in water with a combination of enzymes and mechanically beating it further. The result: defect-free nanofibers about 1000 times smaller than typical cellulose fibers. Most commercial paper have a tensile strength that tops out at about 30 megapascals (MPa), but this new a paper has a tensile strength of 214 MPa, far above the 130 MPa of cast iron and the previous record of 103 MPa for a high-strength paper.

Via: Slashdot


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