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The Lomo craze just keeps getting bigger! Staple Design, as mentioned by Jeff Staple a few months back, have been working alongside Lomography in developing an exciting new project, which culminates in its release this week, June 19th at Reed Space, NYC. Its a pretty cool package, which Jeff Staple describes best below…

“The set includes an incredible camera called The Colorsplash as well as a massive hardcover photo book with over 1000 images. We asked the entire Lomographic Community at large to submit photos and our team went through the painstaking process of photo editing, art directing and laying the book out.
With Lomographers all across the world aiming their lenses and firing a colored flash burst at any and every given opportunity, you can truly call this a bona-fide positive social contagion—the ultimate global collaboration. But this begs an important question: where does the motivation and inspiration for all of this hyperactivity stem from? We gave our photographers a mission statement. The concept was to follow the guidelines of the Chakras. (Chakras are commonly described, as energy centers in the spine located at major branchings of the human nervous system, beginning at the base of the spinal column and moving upward to the top of the skull. Chakras are considered to be a point of metaphysical and biophysical energy of the human body.)
Chakras are represented by color (and each color happens to correspond to a color flash filter on the Lomo Colorsplash Camera ; )
• Purple Colorsplash Chakra: Peace, tranquility, and closeness
• Blue Colorsplash Chakra: Music, nightlife, parties, and gatherings
• Green Colorsplash Chakra: Nature, Life, and Animals
• Yellow Colorsplash Chakra: Activities, diversions, and sports
• Orange Colorsplash Chakra: Consumption, eating, buying, and collecting
• Red Colorsplash Images: Sex, Passion, Love, and Strength
• Multicolor Colorsplash Images: Don’t Care About any Rules

Hundreds of Lomographers teamed up with an elite squad of eleven Commissioned Chakra photographers to produce several thousand images. All-Star Photographers include:
Adam Scott
Atsuko Tanaka
Brian Milo
Kareem Black
Kreg Holt
Maureen Hufnagel
Michael Wong
Nick Rhodes
Wei-I Lee
Yasumasa Yonehara

On June 19th, The Lomographic Society and Staple Design will be beaming with pride over the release of the limited Chakra Edition Colorsplash Camera and “Colorsplash Chakras” hardcover book. The two come package together in one dope box set.”


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