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Cy Twombly – Cycles and Seasons Retrospective At The Tate Modern

Tate Modern presents a major exhibition of works by Cy Twombly, one of the most highly regarded painters working today and a foremost figure among the generation of American artists that includes Jasper Johns, Robert Rauschenberg and Andy Warhol. Twombly rose to prominence through a distinctive style characterised by scribbles and vibrantly daubed paint. This is his first solo retrospective in fifteen years, and provides an overview of his work from the 1950s to now.  On View 19 June through 14 September, 2008.

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iCooly iPhone 3G stand

Rockridge the same company that announced the iPod stand is hoping to cash in on the iPhone-3G when it hits Japan. Though it is doubtful. Just insert the iPhone-3G into the aluminum stand which has a 90-degree pivot joint and dock-connector cut-out. The perfect accessory for watching movies for the iPhone aficionado. Also included in the box is a cable extension for connecting an external speaker or headphones.

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TANDBERG debuts 1080p Telepresence System

Saving on time, travel expenses and making instant face-to-face communications possible over huge distances, video-conferencing has become a must have technology for doing business in the 21st century. The latest offering from TANDBERG, the T1, is the company’s first telepresence system to incorporate 1080presolution and features a slim-line 65″ custom LCD screen, high quality stereo sound and a PrecisionHD 1080p camera designed to enhance direct eye contact.

The 1080p resolution is made possible by the new TANDBERG Codec C90 Telepresence Engine which offers the flexibility of 12 HD video inputs, four HD video outputs, and a built-in audio mixerwith 16 audio inputs and eight audio outputs.

Navigation and control is via on-screen dialing and directory choices and as a “standards-compliant system”, the T1 is also designed to overcome interoperability issues and simplify the process of making calls with other standards-compliant systems.

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Nookanooka Vinyl Figure

Branching out from their usual forte in watch-making, Nooka has released their first corporate mascot. Created in handy-toy form, the nookanooka vinyl serves not only to spread the Nooka message but also provide the perfect spot to keep your watch. The first run features a black nookanookas, limited to 500 pieces worldwide with subsequent releases including fluorescent orange in July and glow-in-the-dark come September. For more information and availability, check nooka.com/nookanooka.

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Keiichi Nitta – Every Day Is Like Sunday

Former understudy to popular photographer Terry Richardson, Keiichi Nitta will open his first solo exhibition later this month in Italy. Alongside his exhibition will be the release of his very first book. In a time where digital photography has exploded with its relatively reasonable price points, Nitta aims to offer a new and never before seen approach to photography regardless of medium. The private opening night will take place on June 24th at gogallery while the public opening will commence the following day until July 15th.

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AB Yachts 140 combines luxury with performance

With the number of yachts, mega, super or compact ones, being launched every single day, I suppose the 70% of the earth’s surface that is covered with water is also going to be less for them to sail. But then who can stop this rising luxurious trend of cutting through the blue waters on a personal aquatic vehicle? Here’s one more to add to the ever-growing list of stylishly designed yachts – AB 140. Presented by AB yachts, at 40 meters, this big baby features bold and aggressive lines with an equally appealing metallic bronze hue. A must see for those seeking a combi of speed and luxury under one roof, this latest version is characterized by the same cutting-edge technology typical of the other models of the AB line. Equipped with Tripple Waterjets, it can dart to an unprecedented maximum speed of 53 knots while cruising elegantly at 46 knots.

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Amphibious PC for the swimmers

What say about a hot PC experience inside your swimming pool? Check out the ‘PC of the Swim-Rings,’ a concept shown at the Next-gen PC Design Competition. Swimmers can enjoy movies, games, music, and net surfing right in the middle of the waters. The innovative yet possible technology has been used for this amphibious PC, including GPRS receiver, Bluetooth wireless solutions, finger-touch input, solar power driven processor, water-cooling system, magnetic charging interface and water-proof design. In case, you are crossing some huge ocean, the GPRS helps show you the right direction. The amphibious PC can also be used as a desktop at home. It’s back light keyboard design is for night use. Other salient specs include a web camera, 7-inch LCD display, and a stereo speaker set. No idea if it would ever go into production, but the concept does look inviting and yes, possible too.

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Lenovo X200 shots leaked

Images of Lenovo’s X200 lightweight laptop have surfaced, and it looks exactly the way you imagined it would. IBM’s design language is here to stay.

via Gizmodo

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Element Carbon Fiber and Helium Skateboard

Element Skateboards furthers the evolution of the skateboard deck with their new Push Construction Positive Negative Series.

The Push Deck is a skateboarding paradox. Lighter than any other deck, it’s also more durable.

This innovative structure is a result of the combination of the responsiveness and power of carbon fiber with the durability of Element’s own featherlight helium construction (i.e. there’s air inside). The upshot is a deck that sets a new standard for high-impact skateboarders. Bloggers have even gone as far as to call it “indestructible.”

The designs, the “Darrell”, the “Muska”, and the “Tave,” are the first three to be released in the Positive Negative series. We’re fans for the way the brand is reinventing skateboard construction while staying true to eco-friendly values. The wood is a result of responsible foresting; only selectively harvested trees are used in these decks.

The premium deck runs $79 and there are still a few designs in stock on Element’s site.

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