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Ze Bus presents France’s best Surf spots and beaches at minimum cost

Are you dreaming about discovering France waves and all it has to offer, to have a unique adventure and to meet other like-minded travellers ?

Well grab your backpack and surfboard and let the ZE BUS take you around western France visiting the best sites and the best spots.

From Paris to Biarritz, passing through the D-Day landing beaches, the Mont St Michel, the Megaliths in Carnac, La Rochelle, the Loire Valley Castles and all the beaches from the Atlantic coast including its 17 surf spots.  


Danny, does that bring memories or what?


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Bubble Wrap Calendar

Wall calendars are rather boring objects. I usually have one hanging up at the office, though if you look closely you’ll generally notice that it’s a month or three behind. I stick them on the wall intending to write down important dates and such, but to be honest, I just use my computer to remember that stuff. However, if you like keeping track of the days on the wall, and want something a little out of the ordinary, this is the calendar for you.

The Bubble Calendar is essentially a giant calendar made out of bubble wrap. Each day is represented by a bubble, and rather than putting an ‘x’ through the days as they pass, you simply pop the bubble. It seems like a rather novel idea, however, I see two flaws. First, you can’t really mark important dates, since the numbers are covered by clear plastic bubbles. Then you have the issue of a small child (or really bored adult) coming along and popping half of the bubbles in one fell swoop. 


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Annie Leibovitz: A Photographers Life, 1990-2005 at Maison Européenne de la Photographie

The Maison Européenne de la Photographie presents an internationally touring exhibition of works by celebrated photographer Annie Leibovitz. This special exhibition, Annie Leibovitz: A Photographer’s Life, 1990–2005 includes more than 200 photographs, featuring well-known work made on editorial assignment, as well as personal photographs of her family and close friends. “I don’t have two lives,” Leibovitz says. “This is one life, and the personal pictures and the assignment work are all part of it.” On exhibit through 14 September, 2008.

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Panasonic SDR-SW20 Flash Memory Camcorder Is Also Underwater Friendly

Finding a water-resistant digital camera or camcorder that can survive the occasional splash or light rain is not that difficult, but finding one that can actually be submerged for some cool underwater photography is a different story. In the past you either had to settle for an expensive underwater housing, or go the ziploc bag/duct tape/fingers crossed route. But not anymore thanks to Panasonic’s SDR-SW20 digital camcorder. It uses SD or SDHC memory cards instead of tape or a compact hard drive which not only makes it light and compact, but also able to survive drops from about 4 feet.

In terms of image quality you’re only looking at 640×480 JPEG stills, and I assume the same resolution when it comes to video. (It captures directly to “DVD Quality” MPEG2 clips says the Panasonic website.) But it is completely sealed making it dustproof and more importantly waterproof to a depth of up to 5 feet. You won’t be shooting any shipwrecks with it, but for a shallow coral reef or just wacky antics in the backyard pool it’s more than adequate. It also features a 10X optical zoom and a fast power up feature which allows you to start shooting as quickly as 0.6 seconds after you open the LCD viewfinder.

Buy it at: Amazon.com Via: Panasonic SDR-SW20 Camcorder

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Nike Sportswear Website

The upcoming Nike Sportswear collection is creating a lot of talk, and now there is a website dedicated to the collection which will add fuel to the anticipation. With the launch set for August 8 which marks one of the most memorable moments in sport as well as Nike, there are some great previews on show. From a film from recent events at the Beijing summit while never seen before product and some great names like footballer Rio Firdinand, hip hop dancer Sofia Boutella amongst others make an appearance. Take a look through the website to get a better feel of what you can expect.


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MIRF Vinyl Sculpture

MIRF is a graffiti based vinyl toy that does a really nice job of merging the two art mediums. 1134NYC members MINT and SERF and Thunderdog Studios worked together to design the toy.  MIRF is 9 inches long and will be available in 4 color ways each limited to 200 pieces.
The west cost release of the toy will be held at Rogue Status in Los Angeles on July 9th and at Icon Ultra Lounge in San Francisco on July 10th.

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Joshua Allen Harris on NY mag

Brooklyn artist Joshua Allen and his inflatable animal sculptures made from garbage bags are planted in NYC, inflated from air vents from the subway and in the subway these hand made sculpural pieces are popping up all over New York check the interview and video with NY Mag  here

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