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Has Banksy’s real identity been discovered?

The 10-year quest to discover the true identity of the underground artist known as Banksy has become almost as captivating as his stylised graffiti which has popped up unannounced on buildings across the world.


While many have claimed to know who he is, the only reliable facts are that he hails from Bristol and his first name is Robin. Now the mystery surrounding the identity of Banksy may have been solved by a newspaper which has published a picture of a man whose antecedence is more public school than street artist.

The Mail On Sunday says it traced the artist using a photograph purporting to show Banksy at work with spray cans in Jamaica in 2004. Former friends and acquaintances identify the man in the picture as Robin Gunningham.

Yesterday the artist’s agents refused to confirm the newspaper’s claim that he was Mr Gunningham, 34, despite what the paper said was compelling evidence to support its assertion. “We get these calls all the time,” said his spokeswoman. “I’ll say what I always say: I never confirm or deny these stories.”

And I say, so what if Banksy’s cover has been blown?


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  1. That’s not him. can’t be if he was uncovered why would he still hide? its all a big joke on us trying to figure it out…its all a joke.

    Comment by avidya collective change | June 21, 2010 | Reply

  2. That’s him, only keeps it a secret now to make people think thats not him, every
    picture even blank face you can see he’s wearing glasses, who cares should be more about the art then who he is

    Comment by leicestergeo | January 8, 2013 | Reply

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