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Dripsy Group Exhibition

Does it make sense to include graffiti in places devoted to  exhibitions such as museums, art centers or galleries? What is the point of enlarging the theater of graffiti, which is traditionally confined to the public stage or the urban stalls? “Dripsy” offers an exhibition bringing together traditional graffitists who have emerged in contemporary art as fully fledged artists, alongside artists with a new approach to the codes of this world, defined progressively since the 1980’s by a certain type of urban youth. Differentiating themselves from ephemeral art, the works show that an appropriation of the urban space by this esthetic of color, roundness and thickness of matter is possible. They allow us a turbulent replay of the myths and games of childhood while going beyond the “dumb schoolboy fantasy,” a stylistic autograph that states its identity in a completely automated manner to the detriment of creativity and graphic and thematic renewal to finally make a place for itself in the history of the recharging of the art form.

This show also aims to release graffiti from an iconography of names and an esthetic of mark making to rehabilitate the “small nothings” of the urban environment and bring out the harmony of the post-industrial bric-a-brac of wastelands by accommodating supports, forms and themes. It shows that the graff has forged a gap.

Curated by Olivier Robert and Pablo Cots “Dripsy” opened on June 20th at Olivier Robert Galerie in Paris with an exciting collection of names includes Simon Bernheim, Pablo Cots, John Divola, The E.R.S, Olivier Kosta-Thefaine, Didier Marcel, Jon Naar, Franck Scurti, Aurelie Slonina and two personal favourites of mine Barry McGee and Steve Powers.


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