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Hani Surfboards

 Can’t wait…

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iSkin Brasil

Danny, you thought GelaSkins are cool, check out the good looking skins from iSkin Brasil – Sixteen Brazilian artists, organized by art promoters/non-profit group Aprendiz, each came up with a design that was translated by iSkin into covers, figuring iPods and laptops are an easy way for consumers to inject art into their daily lives. Themes run from Japan to São Paulo’s hopelessly polluted Tiete river, portrayed with lots of imagination, color and fertile talent.

Unfortunately, you can only buy them through the country’s FNAC — but with a little ingenuity (and possibly a friend who speaks Portuguese) you can manage to order one online.

iSkin Brasil

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adidas No.74 Store Berlin


The new space from adidas in Berlin No.74 has opened its doors to the world to see, and with this exciting fit out curated along with No.6 in London we can expect to see some big things in the way of pop culture, art, and product. 032c magazine joined adidas to celebrate the sophisticated store’s openingwith a photography exhibit from architect and designer Juergen Mayer H. entitled “Metropol Paraol” that’s currently on display. In addition to the exhibition they released a special limited edition Stan Smith shoe tagged with No. 74 and No. 6, only available in London and Berlin.

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Openers and More Trees Eco Value Wood 400% Bearbrick

Medicom have worked closely with Openers and More Trees to produce this conceptually great Bearbrick. Made entirely of scrap wood the finish which looks considerably like ply wood provides a great enviromentally friendly message. The 400% Bearbrick built by furniture makers Karimoku has ammassed only 150 pieces and will be available from online at Rumors.jp and in store at Isetan Shinjuku, with 10% of the sales will be donated to the More Trees environmental foundation it is a well worth addition for any admirer.

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Apple Watch

There’s a lot of stuff going on in Cupertino. Here’s a digest:

Apple’s lowering their prices in the near future.

This will result in higher sales and lower margins, hence their stock price took a recent dive. But look for lower laptop prices (paired with iPhone deals) as the company goes after the back-to-school set next month.

The company’s keeping mum on Jobs’ health.

We feel bad even discussing this one, because we realize that another human being’s health condition is simply none of our business. Investors who’ve sunk money into the company and who know it will not be the same without Jobs see it differently.

Apple’s got a new “something” coming out soon.

There’s speculation that it may be a new product entirely, like a touchscreen tablet computer.

MobileMe service is a MobileMess.

Service outages and people can’t get e-mail. The “halo effect” is getting pierced by devil’s horns.

iPhone is iScarce.

You thought out-of-stock in 38 U.S. states was bad? All of Germany is reportedly out until October.

iPhone apps downloads hit 25 mil.

There’s an app more popular than MySpace, Facebook and AOL: it turns your iPhone into a flashlight. Also, everyone and their brother has a “Top Ten iPhone Apps” article out there. We’ll round them up for you in a future digest.

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The Dark Knight Bearbricks and Kubricks

The second Batman movie, The Dark Knight, starring Christian Bale and Heath Ledger, is breaking blockbuster records left and right. With such a great buzz surrounding the movie, Medicom Toy seizes the opportunity and is releasing The Dark Knight Twin Pack, with Batman and Joker in both Bearbrick and Kubrick forms. The toys take design inspirations from the movie with the “Why So Serious” slogan and Batman’s newly improved suit.

Via: Toybeast

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Eric Haze Full Circle Exhibition

One of the living legends on so many levels, Eric Haze is in the midst of unveiling his most recent art exhibition titled Full Circle. With a hand in so many cornerstone events from hip-hop to art and product development, his Full Circle exhibition in Hong Kong was produced in collaboration with 8FIVE2, 24Herbs and 55DSL. The large gallery showing includes paper drawings, large-scale hand-painted acrylic canvasses, archival silkscreen prints and several large scale pieces, showing Haze’s diversity and expressionist styles. To compliment the Full Circle exhibition, several products have been designed as well.

Via: HypeBeast

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Limited Edition Engraved iPods Featuring The Simpsons

The Simpsons Shop is now selling a collection of various sized iPods featuring one of three different custom engravings on the back including a ‘Bart Sk8′ logo, Homer saying D’Oh! and a ‘Homer Tested’ insignia. The available models include the iPod Classic in 160 or 80GB sizes, the iPod Nano in 8 or 4GB sizes, the iPod Shuffle in 2 or 1GB sizes and the iPod Touch in 32, 16 or 8GB sizes. Each iPod is limited to 2,000 pieces and is numbered on the back. You can also opt to have your name engraved on the back too, but keep in mind that could probably hinder any attempts to sell the player down the line.

The Simpsons-themed iPods appear to cost a bit more than the regular versions, which makes sense because of the engraving and licensing costs, but would it have been so hard to throw a couple episodes on the video capable models? Such a bad marketing decision….

 The Simpsons Shop – Engraved iPods

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Inside The Lego Factory

Alas, the secrets of the LEGO factory are revealed through Gizmodo’s exclusive video footage taken on the Giz Goes to LEGO trip. In three short clips, Jesus Diaz from Gizmodo covers the entire process of making LEGO from the granules in the warehouse to the sets ready to ship out. Click here to read the details and treat yourself to the excitement of seeing your favorite bricks being made.

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