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Apple Watch

There’s a lot of stuff going on in Cupertino. Here’s a digest:

Apple’s lowering their prices in the near future.

This will result in higher sales and lower margins, hence their stock price took a recent dive. But look for lower laptop prices (paired with iPhone deals) as the company goes after the back-to-school set next month.

The company’s keeping mum on Jobs’ health.

We feel bad even discussing this one, because we realize that another human being’s health condition is simply none of our business. Investors who’ve sunk money into the company and who know it will not be the same without Jobs see it differently.

Apple’s got a new “something” coming out soon.

There’s speculation that it may be a new product entirely, like a touchscreen tablet computer.

MobileMe service is a MobileMess.

Service outages and people can’t get e-mail. The “halo effect” is getting pierced by devil’s horns.

iPhone is iScarce.

You thought out-of-stock in 38 U.S. states was bad? All of Germany is reportedly out until October.

iPhone apps downloads hit 25 mil.

There’s an app more popular than MySpace, Facebook and AOL: it turns your iPhone into a flashlight. Also, everyone and their brother has a “Top Ten iPhone Apps” article out there. We’ll round them up for you in a future digest.

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