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LEGO Sport City Exhibition – Beijing Olympic Games

With Lego celebrating 50 years in the brick game and the momumentel Olympic Games around the corner it is welcoming to see the city featured in large and replicated in great detail by Lego. Beijing’s newest centres hosting the games have been created using 300,00 Lego bricks along with 4,500 mini figures with the city featuring a sports complex, swimming arena, and even residential housing. This remarkable exhibition will be up until August 31th at the Grand Century Place in Hong Kong.

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Beck’s and London’s Royal College of Art Graduates

“From 1st August until Christmas, bottles of Beck’s beer will be adorned with the work of four emerging artists – thanks to a new scheme called Beck’s Canvas, a collaboration between the German brewery and London’s Royal College of Art. The RCA asked their graduates and students to submit work on the theme of individuality specially for this project and a jury of RCA artists selected the winning artists: Rita Ikonen, Tom Price, Charlotte Bracegirdle and Simon Cunningham.

Beck’s has supported contemporary British art over the years and has previously persuaded artists such as Gilbert & George, Damien Hirst, Rachel Whiteread and Tracey Emin to create label artwork for limited edition bottles. However, this year Beck’s Canvas will be mass producing and distributing a whopping 27 million of the special bottles – making this one of the largest ever public art commissions. The combined area of 27 million Beck’s beer bottle labels (143,100 square metres) is greater than the floorspace of The National Gallery, the Museum of Modern Art and The Louvre combined. That’s about the size of 260 Cistine Chapel ceilings. Or, any sports fans reading, 35 football pitches.”

This is very interesting considering the amount of everage bottles we have seen recently become a great medium of art which is catching a lot of attention, with the likes of Mountain Dew and Coca Cola.

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