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Million Dollar Leg of James Stewart

The New Zealand entrepreneur James Stewart is selling ad space on his left leg and hopes to make a million dollars out of it. With about 2000 square centimeters of skin to tattoo, selling for $500 per square centimeter, he hopes to reach his million dollar goal. With the money from his Million Dollar Leg project, Stewart wants to further develop and market his Art Klick website for New Zealand artists.

He was inspired by Million Dollar Homepage, and I hope the sponsors on his leg would not be casinos, ringtones, loans, insurance, or dating companies… Let’s go eBay.

Here’s what James Stewart plans to do with the million dollars..
1. Pay off Bills/loans
2. Develop Art Klick into a website of international standards
3. Advertise and market Art Klick to the world
4. Move to Wellington and get a new office + hire staff
5. Donate $50,000 to charity (chosen by the Art Klick Community),
6. Give another $1,000 to the members of Art Klick whose artwork I use for the tattoo
7. Start my next two website ideas……

If you want to read more, check out what Javier Espionaza from Forbes wrote.


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