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Zhang Xianyong solos at Limn Gallery in San Francisco

Limn Gallery is hosting Zhang Xianyong’s first solo exhibition outside of China.  His works was first introduced last year during the tenth anniversary of LIMN gallery’s presentation of contemporary Chinese art. On exhibition 6th September through 25th October, 2008.

Inspired by both traditional story telling of Chinese Opera and contemporary images of the West, Zhang Xianyong carefully stages tableaux in photographs that are fresh and humorous. He mixes Eastern and Western civilization in multiple combinations whose disorders of time and space form the special characteristics of his work. 

Zhang creates “a self” over and over, searching for an identity in a society where the collective takes precedent over the individual.  However, Zhang still believes that “we” is everywhere and that each of us cannot exists without the other. His process is an accumulation of poses, expressions and an acute attention to visual space. Once shot over the course of a few weeks, Zhang painstakingly composes the final scene.  Like a painting from the renaissance masters, Zhang reworks the light as he incorporates each element. The “Last Supper, the workers” (referring to Da Vinci’s “Last Supper”) is a group of thirteen construction workers stuffing their faces in a smoke filled room.

Zhang’s work is a constant observation of the present meshing with the past. Zhang shoots in the street of Shanghai, which, because of its European colonial past is the perfect background for his stories and for making his points. In the second series entitled “Sleepwalking”, Zhang takes a personal journey through his childhood and revisits the cultural and social history of Shanghai.

Zhang Xianyong will be present for the opening reception.

In 1996 Limn Company opened a 4,000 square foot exhibition space in the south of Market district of San Francisco. Specifically designed as an environment for LIMN’s continuing effort to bring art and design together, LIMN Art Gallery exhibits emerging to well established artists from the Bay Area and around the world with a strong emphasis on contemporary Chinese art. The gallery presents solo and thematic exhibitions every six weeks covering most mediums such as painting, video, sculpture and photography. LIMN gallery continues to reach out by inviting once a year an artist from a foreign country. LIMN gallery has collaborated with artists from China, Japan, Italy, Finland, and Switzerland.


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