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Going On A Surfing Vacation

Going on a surfing vacation, will be back on October 11.

Shana Tova and happy holidays!


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Gerhard Richter at Serpentine Gallery, London

Just opened up at Serpentine Gallery in London, German artist Gerhard Richter showcases his newest piece titled 4900 Colours: Version II. Comprised of 4900 brightly colored squares randomly arranged it features the Richter created concept labeled “controlled chance”. Painted on 100 aluminum panels, the work measures 69 square meters a piece and can be displayed as 49 separate pieces. The exhibition can be seen until November 16, 2008.

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Playboy and Kidrobot Hef + “Miss November 1978″

With the copious amounts of free porn littering the internet, few if any have probably grabbed a Playboy in recent memory. But for those who don’t like to forget the past and the legacy of Playboy, Kidrobot has put together two special toys with the quintessential men’s magazine. Playboy founder Hugh Hefner is given tribute in the Hef PEECOL by eBoy as it features the trademark PEECOL style with Hef’s influence. It features Hefner’s popular red robe and Playboy logo emblazoned sailor hat. Also seen is the “Miss November 1978″, designed by Paul Pope. November’s feature girl of 1978, Monique St. Pierre is seen in a 7.5 in vinyl form with thigh-high boots, cowl neck sweater and blond Farrah Fawcett-esque locks. Throughout the numerous Playboy models over the years, Monique St. Pierre’s spread was chosen by Pope for her “radical pose”, “strong and alluring attitude” and “rad boots”. Both figures will hit Kidrobot flagship stores, select retailers and Kidrobot.com,

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BuZ Blurr Interview

San Francisco’s Babylon Falling gallery and bookstore has published an in-depth interview with American artist BuZ blurr, who was instore recently as part of an exhibition of his work which runs until October 17.

A third generation railway worker, BuZ blurr has been leaving his mark on boxcars across America since 1971, honing his signature ‘Colossus of Roads’ rider moniker. He has also been an active member of the stencil and Mail Art movements.

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“Bomb Down Broadway”

Taking place earlier this summer, together Zoo York and Skavenger organized the first ever “Bomb Down Broadway” race as a hundred or so BMXers participated in a free-for-all race through the streets of New York. The event itself was simple, get from Union Square to Edwin De La Rosa’ POST store (in Brooklyn) without wrecking yourself or getting busted by the pigs. $5,000 in prize money was handed out with Ben Duke taking home $1,500, Darryl Nau $1,000 and Marco Della $750. Watch the mayhem unfold in Zoo York’s vide.

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‘Now I Remember’ by Max Fish Gallery

Each month Max Fish holds the work of different artists in their most-of-the-time-a-bar space, and this month sees a collaboration of artists that are not usually artists at all! ‘Now I Remember’ is a group of skateboarders and graffiti artists, each of which were armed with a camera phone and instructed to record their daily doings… from hanging with friends, life on the road, and anything that they passed which they found worthy.


The show which opened last week and runs until mid October showcases a collage installation from the likes of Jerry Hsu, Todd Jordan, Neckface, Tino Rizo, Spanky, JR, A Ron, Curtis, and The Craze Crew. The fast paced, implusive manner in which these photos have been taken is a portrayal not only of these peoples lives but of a younger minded society that exsists now with reflection of a life unrestricted from fear.
For a complete list of shows that Max Fish is hosting see their website here.

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Montreal Museum of Fine Arts presents ” The Role of Music in Warhol’s Work Explored “

For the first time in the historiography of Andy Warhol (1928-1987), the exhibition-event Andy Warhol Live, presented from September 25, 2008, to January 18, 2009, will explore the all-pervading and fundamental role of music and dance in the artist’s work and life. Music is an essential narrative element that is present throughout the exhibition and will guide visitors as they rediscover Warhol’s work. From this unusual angle, viewers will be treated to a chronological and thematic reading, from the film music Warhol discovered in his youth to the disco scene at Studio 54, the legendary nightclub that opened in 1977, where he was one of the most famous regulars.

Montreal Museum of Fine Arts 

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Surfing Israel

Here are some great shots from last weekend surf session.

Danny, hope you are having fun in Pasta Point!

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I am an amateur digital photographer. I have a full size tripod, but rarely use it- It’s too big and bulky to take on surf trips along with my boards and other stuff. I was introduced today by M to the Joby Gorillapod. I was told that it is lightweight with ‘legs’ that can be strongly wrapped around poles, branches, or ledges- can fit in a small pouch or a large pants pocket and it has a environmentally friendly packaging. No more flat surfaces! I am getting one!

Available through Joby or Amazon.

Thanks M.

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Coldplay – Viva La Vida – Prague 2008

Watch this great video that was taken by Pablo- from last night preformance by Coldplay at the O2 Arena. What an experience! I sure hope to catch one of the concerts in this tour soon…

Thanks for the video Pablo!

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