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Manga! opens at The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art – Denmark

In the autumn Manga is coming to the Louisiana Museum of Modern Art. Historically Manga goes back 200 years and today has international cult status with millions of comics sold every month and a fast-growing anime film industry. The exhibition traces the development of manga historically and culturally: from 200-year-old woodcuts and book illustrations through today’s mass-produced comics, computer games and films to current Japanese contemporary art.

The Manga exhibition is a kaleidoscopic reflection of a special Japanese pictorial tradition which has now become a cult in most of the world. The exhibition is a collaboration with the Museum für Angewandte Kunst and Deutsches Filmmuseum in Frankfurt. The exhibition is on view through 2nd of August, 2009.

One of the most interesting things about the manga phenomenon is the way fans make it their own; even more than traditional comics, manga seems to inspire readers to go off and make their own books.

The Louisiana Live offers concerts with leading musicians, international symposia and lectures of various kinds: a treat for the discerning and those who just want to know a little more about things. Every year the Louisiana offers 4-6 special exhibitions, presenting both the latest international contemporary art and the great modernist artists. The Louisiana also has a long-standing tradition of exhibitions focusing on cultural history and international architecture.

The Louisiana Museum of Modern Art is located in northern Zealand with a panoramic view across the Øresund and is surrounded by its own sculpture park. The Louisiana is internationally recognized for its exhibitions, and the museum’s permanent collection of modern art with over 3000 works is one of the biggest in Scandinavia. The unique interaction of art, landscape and the museum’s architecture makes the Louisiana one of Denmark’s most popular cultural attractions.

In 2008 the Louisiana has its 50th anniversary. Over the summer this is being celebrated with a major exhibition of museum architecture in the 21st century. The exhibition also features the Louisiana itself as an example of pace-setting modernist museum-building from the 20th century.


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